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Valentine’s Gifts for Your Wife

Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts for your Wife

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your Wife how much you love her! We have the perfect  range of Valentine’s Day Gifts to make her smile. Check out our products below.

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Valentines Day Gifts For Your Wife

Let us help you create the perfect Valentine's Day for your wife. Here at The Gift Experience, we don't just stock Valentine's Day gifts; instead, we handpick the finest Valentine's Day gifts that we can find, and offer personalisation options on the majority of your products, allowing you to create completely bespoke gifts that your better half will love. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it in our range! 

Romantic & Keepsake Gifts for your Wife

If you're looking for a romantic gift that can be treasured forever as a Valentine's keepsake, you've come to the right place. Our range of Valentine's romantic and keepsake gifts for wives is full of  beautifully personalised Valentine's gifts that will be treasured. Our Engraved Five Hearts Photo Frame is an elegantly designed, stunning photo frame. Featuring a contemporary glass design, in which the photograph is held into place by glass that's secured specifically by the hearts (each of which is decorated with a dazzling diamante crystal), this photo frame will make a beautiful Valentine's Day. Our stunning Personalised Silver Plated Rose is another beautifully romantic Valentine's Day gift that can be treasured as a sentimental keepsake. Although most roses given on Valentine's Day wither and die soon after the day, this rose lives forever. Made out of silver plated metal, this beautiful rose is adorned with a personalised plaque that features a message of your writing. The rose is available in two styles, allowing you to choose whether you'd prefer a classic silver-coloured bud, or a truly Valentine's Day themed pink bud. Of course, as beautiful as these gifts are, what could be more of a keepsake than an actual star?! Our Name a Star For Your Valentine Premium Gift Box is a fantastic gift that your wife will love! The instructions will include the process you need to follow in order to claim your unique star and create a romantic Valentine's Gift that she'll treasure forever. 

Jewellery for your Wife

Whatever the occasion, jewellery always makes a fabulous gift, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Our Valentine's Day gifts for your wife selection is sparkling with some of our favourite jewellery choices, most of which can be uniquely required to give them an additional, sentimental touch. Amongst our favourite pieces of Valentine's Day jewellery is our Red Murano Glass Enchanted Hearts Pendant in Personalised Box, a beautiful necklace that features a beautifully created Murano Glass, heart-shaped pendant. Heralding from Murano, a little island which is situated in one of the world's most renowned romantic destinations, the lagoons of Venice, this ruby red heart has been crafted using traditional Murano glass-blowing methods, and is the perfect style and colour for a piece of jewellery befitting Valentine's Day celebrations. And, to go with it, our Harmony Bracelet is another perfect gift for wives on Valentine's Day. Handmade using genuine Swarovski Pearls, the bracelet can be crafted in a variety of beautiful colours, including pink, the perfect colour for Valentine's Day. The bracelet's clasp is additional adorned with a sterling silver charm that's engraved with your wife's initials. For a contemporary-styled gift that she's sure to adore, our stunning Engraved Bouquet Rose Gold Bracelet is the perfect gift. Elegantly crafted out of rose-coloured beads and gracefully adorned with an array of pretty rose gold, yellow gold and silver coloured charms, as well as one, extra-special circle-shaped charm that is uniquely engraved with your wife's initial. 

Fun & Novelty Gifts 

If you're looking to raise a smile this Valentine's Day, you'll do it with a gift from our Fun & Novelty selection. Our Personalised Package Approved Ladies Hipster Briefs are a beautifully designed pair of stylish hipster prints that are sure to make her laugh! Featuring a stamp design that's personalised with your name, the briefs read 'Approved by (partner's name)' and '100% sexy'. As well as being a fun novelty gift, the briefs are also designed to be completely comfortable and totally wearable, with a pretty, deep lace waistband and flat seams on the front of the knockers. 

If you and your wife are fans of the hit show 'Friends', you'll know that the word 'lobster' isn't a noun used to refer to a sea animal: instead, it's a romantic moniker, used to describe those with whom one has an everlasting bond - a synonym for soulmate, if you like (just ask Ross and Rachel!). Our Personalised You Are My Lobster Framed Print - the perfect personalised present for Friends-loving wives, and a lovely print to add to any wall. 

If your wife has a sweet tooth, give her a Valentine's Day treat that she'll really love with our Love Lolly May Personalised Sweet Hamper. Featuring a huge collection of her favourite traditional sweet-shop treats, this hamper is sure to delight. What's more, each hamper is stored in a traditional wicker-basket that can be re-used as a sweet hamper, and packaged with a personalised A5 card. 

Our Personalised We Make A Great Pear Mug is another of our novelty gifts that's sure to make her chuckle! Featuring two pairs and the punny description 'We make a great pair', this mug is the perfect receptacle for her morning brew.