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1st Anniversary Gifts - Paper

Paper Anniversary Gifts for a 1st Wedding Anniversary

If it’s coming up to the first anniversary of a happy couple’s wedding day, you’ll find the perfect present for their very 1st anniversary in our unique collection of personalised 1st Anniversary Gifts. Whether you’re buying for friends, a son and daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law, husband, or wife, you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for here. 

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1st Anniversary Gifts - Paper

Did You Know? 

Traditionally, first anniversaries are celebrated with gifts that are made out of paper. The inexpensive material represents the couple’s modest beginnings, with gifts becoming more and more expensive as the years go on to symbolise the growing richness of the couple’s union. Although humble, paper gifts can still be beautiful, as proven by our gorgeous  collection of Paper inspired 1st Anniversary presents. 

Clocks have also become a popular gift for first anniversaries, with the reference to time symbolising the happy times that the couple will share together. 

First Anniversary Prints

Our First Anniversary Prints make perfect gifts for a first anniversary celebration! Uniquely personalised and made out of card, they not only pay homage to the tradition of giving paper, but also make bespoke keepsake gifts. Our Personalised First Anniversary Photo Print is another beautiful print that will make a perfect present for a couple on their first anniversary. Uniquely personalised with a photo of the happy couple, the print is personalised in an attractive cursive print with the couple’s surname and the words ‘First Anniversary’. Other first anniversary prints in our collection include our The Day You Stole My Heart Print, which is a fabulous gift for a wife, husband, or couple. Personalised with the couple’s name, the print features a pretty red love heart and is personalised with the date of the couple’s wedding. 

First Anniversary Photo Frames

Photo frames make wonderful gifts, especially when they’re as beautifully designed and artfully customised as ours! Our Engraved First Anniversary Photo Frame is made from polished silver-coloured metal and is uniquely engraved with a message of your choice, as well as being styled with the words ‘First Anniversary’. The perfect space for a special photograph of the happy couple, this personalised keepsake will remain a beautiful keepsake from the couple’s first anniversary. 

Personalised First Anniversary Gifts

If you’re looking for a gift that’s truly special, you won’t go wrong with one of our personalised first anniversary presents. Our personalised gifts have been uniquely designed with our customers in mind, with our dedicated and diligent team carefully and lovingly customising, engraving and personalising each and every one to create completely unique gifts. Our personalised First Anniversary Cushion features a swirling grey pattern, the happy couple’s names, and the span of their marriage. Its design is also available on a set of mugs, too! Our First Anniversary Mugs set features two mugs, each of which is uniquely personalised with one partner’s name. The mug also features the words ‘First Anniversary’ and can be customised with a date of your choice - either the date of their marriage, or the date of their anniversary. 

Clocks and Watches

If you’re looking for a more modern gift idea, our range of clocks and watches are perfect. Our Personalised Photo Clock is a wonderful addition to any couple’s house, with each one being uniquely customised with their photograph. For partners looking for gifts for husbands, our range of pocket watches, many of which can be personalised, are ideal for all special occasions, while our specially designed Modern-Vintage Personalised Wrist Watch is a stunning watch that can be worn everyday, and which can be customised with a first anniversary message.