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10th Anniversary Gifts - Tin

Tin Anniversary Gifts for a 10th Wedding Anniversary

Whether you're shopping for a beloved partner or for a special couple, you're sure to find the perfect gift in our stunning variety of 10th Anniversary Gifts.

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10th Anniversary - Tin

If you're celebrating a tenth wedding anniversary, you're sure to find the perfect gift right here in our range of tenth anniversary gifts. Traditionally, the 10th wedding anniversary gift should be made out of tin, and our range features a gorgeous array of both traditional and contemporary tenth anniversary gifts that suit every budget.

Tin-inspired Gifts 

The 10th year of anniversary has historically been marked with gifts made out of either tin or aluminium. These simultaneously strong yet malleable metals represent the durability of marriage, as well as the flexibility that is required to keep a marriage blooming. Our 10th anniversary (Tin) wedding-day chart is the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary. This intriguing A4 chart is presented in a beautiful A4 Bevel Cut Mount and features the date of the happy couple's wedding, the full names of both partners, and a wealth of facts about the happy couple's special day, including information about films, songs, sport, news and the prices of everyday household products such as bread and newspapers. It also features a biography for each person, making this a truly memorable gift that's sure to be well received.

Our Engraved 10th (Tin) anniversary photo frame features the words ‘Tin Anniversary’ on the top of the frame, and a personalised message on the bottom, and is big enough to hold the couple’s favourite picture, whether it be from their time together, or from their anniversary celebrations. 

Our 10th (Tin) Anniversary Keepsake is a traditional take the keepsake gift. Carved out of jade-tinted class, this elegantly shaped keepsake is perfectly suited to any living space or desk. Embossed with the number 10 and a beautiful love heart shaped motif in the top corner, this keepsake can also be uniquely engraved with a special anniversary gift and is ideal for those looking for gifts for friends, or for partners looking to surprise their spouses with a sentimental 10th (tin) anniversary memento.

For a 10th anniversary gift that’s authentically sentimental, our 10th (Tin) Anniversary – Gift Boxed Original Newspaper is a perfect and original 10th anniversary present. Comprising a real copy of the Times newspaper printed on the very date of the couple’s anniversary, this boxed gift comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity and a personal message from you, the giver, that’s printed onto the certificate. This novel gift is sure to be loved by the happy couple and will make a treasured keepsake that can be passed down through the generations. 

Contemporary 10th Anniversary Gifts

If traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts aren’t really your style, you’ll love our range of contemporary and novelty 10th anniversary gifts, which includes uniquely embroidered, personalised cushions, personalised his and her towels, and engraved LOVE champagne flutes.