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Soft Toys - Personalised

A wide range of personalised Soft Toys

The Gift Experience began as a means of satisfying one goal: to enable people like you to create beautifully personalised presents easily. Whoever you’re buying for, you’ll find the perfect personalised gift in our range of personalised gifts. Our personalised soft toys collection is bursting with snuggly soft toys that are perfect for people of all ages. 


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Personalised Extra Large Soft Toys

Our extra large soft toys are guaranteed to be a hit with children of all ages! As well as being absolutely ginormous and super, super snuggly, these adorable soft toys are also uniquely personalised. Each one comes dressed in a white t-shirt, the front of which can be individually personalised by our creative team with a message of your choice. Extra large toys in our collection include monkeys, tigers, cows, sheep, as well as many, many more, with the colour of the font on the shirt being customisable, too. 

Personalised Message Soft Toys 

Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, let your loved one know how much you love them with one of our personalised message soft toys. Styled after animals, these cute little plushies wear personalised t-shirts that have been uniquely embroidered with your messages. Take our Graduation Message Monkey, for instance. Cute and cuddly, he wears a shirt that’s decorated with a graduation cap motif and a personalised message, making him an adorable keepsake graduation gift for anyone who’s recently passed their University finals. There’s also our charming Valentine’s Day Message Moose with his cute, smiley face, soft, cuddly body and over-heart patterned personalised shirt. Our personalised Easter message bear is the perfect present for little ones at Easter time, too, while our Personalised Christmas Reindeer is a fittingly festive teddy that can be personalised to give someone you love a joyful Christmas message. 

Personalised Soft Toys by Person

Whoever you’re looking to buy a gift for, you’ll find the perfect present in our range of personalised soft-toys by person. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just looking to show someone in your family that you care, you’ll find a personalised soft toy that’s perfect for them! Our traditionally styled, soft, honey-coloured plush bears include our Personalised Best Auntie Bear, Personalised Best Sister Teddy Bear, Personalised Best Dad/Daddy Teddy Bear, Personalised Best Daughter Teddy Bear, Personalised Best Mum/Mummy Teddy Bear and Personalised Best Son Teddy Bear, and each one’s shirt can be uniquely customised with a special message from you to them.

Personalised Soft Toys for Children

Our Personalised Little Lamb is an adorable little lamb, and a lovely gift for any newborn or small child. Ideal for Christenings, birthdays, baby showers and newborn celebrations, this soft, smiley little lamb wears a t-shirt that’s sweetly decorated with neutral-coloured yellow stars and personalised with a special message from you. Our Personalised Happy Frog with his brightly happy face, big eyes, long, springy legs, and vibrant green colouring is the perfect gift for boys and girls! Froggy wears a white t-shirt that is embellished with yellow stars and personalised with a customised message.