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Mens Things - Boys Toys

A wide range of personalised gifts for men

It doesn't matter how old they get, boys always love playing with their toys! Here in our Boys' Toys range, you'll find plenty of personalised novelty gifts for men that he's sure to love!

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Star Wars

Ideal for Star Wars fans, our R2 D2 Torch with Sound is the perfect practicable accompaniment to any man's keys! Announce the entrance to his man cave in style with our 'Welcome To The Dark Side' Doormat and kit the place out with some Jedi accessories! Our Darth Vader Look a Lite and Personalised Star Wars Boba Pop Art Cushion are the perfect accessory for any padawan's lair. 

Novelty Gifts

While it may not be the faint-hearted, our Remote Control Tarantula is a gift that he's sure to get hours of fun out of! Styled like a real tarantula, just a tap of the controller sets this little guy off on a journey of terror! Perfect for pranksters! Our tongue-in-cheek knob grabber is the perfect comical accessory for any budding chef! Cleverly designed, this little device will let him grab pan lids without feeling any heat! 

Hobby Gifts

Know a gardener who enjoys a bit of spice? Give him a red-hot gardening challenge he can really sink his teeth into with our Grow Your Own Extra Hot Chilli! Or, for something a little more relaxing, gather round with friends and play our Snakes and Bladdered Drinking Game! This game's similar to the traditional Snakes and Ladders game, but there's a key difference; your counter (and forfeit!) is a shocking shot of alcohol!