Baptism Gifts

A wide range of Baptism Gifts for Girls and Boys

If you’re celebrating a special child’s Baptism Day, you’ll find the perfect gift in our beautiful array of children’s baptism gifts. 


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If you have been invited to celebrate a precious little one’s Baptism or Christening Day, you’re sure to find the perfect present in our hand-picked collection of beautifully designed Christening Gifts and Baptism Gifts. Here at The Gift Experience, we have a delightful array of adorable Baptism and Christening Gifts, from religious keepsakes to snuggly plush teddy-bears. 

Alternatively, if you’re a parent looking for a gift for your child’s newly appointed Godparents, you’ll find a gorgeous assortment of Godmother and Godfather gifts. 

Keepsake Gifts

Our keepsake gifts are sentimental and beautifully presented, with each one being uniquely personalised. Our Personalised Keepsake Baptism Bible is a stunningly crafted crystal keepsake that’s been artfully shaped to look like an open bible. The pages are decorated with church motifs and personalised with the child’s name, the date of their Christening and a message from you. 

Memory Boxes

A child’s baptism is one of the most celebrated events in his or her young life, with the memories that are created on their Christening Day lasting an entire life-time. For parents, keeping track of key mementos of the day such as Christening outfits, candles and certificates can be tricky, which is why our Personalised Baptism Memory Box is the perfect gift idea. With our beautifully personalised, hand-made box, parents will be able to store all of their precious keepsakes from the day in one safe and easy to access place. Decorated with teddy bears and tiny crosses, the box can be made in blue or pink and comes personalised with the child’s name, the details of their Christening, and a unique message from you. 

Baptism Prints & Cushions

Our Personalised Baptism Prints make beautiful additions to children’s bedrooms and nursery, being delightfully designed pieces of art that pay homage to the child’s special day. 

Our Personalised Girls or Boys  Christening Cushion is an unusual gift that will look adorable in any child’s birthday. Fittingly decorated with an image of a steepled church, the cushion can be uniquely personalised with a message of your choice, and is an idea gift from godparents, parents and grandparents. 

Christening Bracelets

Modern and stylish, our breathtakingly crafted Rose Gold Engraved Christening Bracelet is the perfect present for any little one on their Baptism Day. Other bracelets in our collection feature our adorable Cute As A Button Expandable Christening Bracelet, which features a 

Baptism Candles

The lighting of the Christening Candle is a classic and sacred  part of the Christening Ceremony and, as such, the giving of candes as Baptism gifts is a long-standing traditions. Our beautifully styled Baptism Candles are available in pink and blue and are uniquely personalised with the child’s name, the date of the Christening, and a message from you.


Photo Frames

The pictures taken at a child’s Christening are treated as priceless visual memories of the day. Give parents a special place to show-case their special family photographs with one of our incredible Baptism and Christening photo frames or photo albums. 


Of course, if you’re looking for a gift that the star of the day will approve of, you can’t go wrong with a classic children’s toy! Our Personalised Baptism Teddy Bear is a great gift for little one’s on their Christening Day. Charmingly cute and super snuggly, this honey coloured little bear comes dressed in a simple white t-shirt that can be uniquely embroidered with your Christening well-wishes. Our Personalised Embroidered Monkey Comforter is another ovey children’s gift. Featuring a cute little monkey face, the soft cotton blanket can be uniquely embroidered with the child’s name and the date of his or her Christening Day.