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Godparent Gifts

Being asked to be a Godparent is a huge deal! That person will be a part of the child’s life forever. Make sure your gift matches the occasion with our beautiful range below.

Godparent Gifts

Being asked to be a special little one’s Godparent is one of life’s greatest honours. If you’ve been asked to be someone’s godmother or godfather, you’re probably already on the look-out for a wonderful gift that you’re godchild will cherish forever. Our Godparent gifts selection is filled with fabulous gifts that have been specially designed with godchildren in mind. 

Godchildren aren’t the only ones who get presents at Christenings, though. Throughout time, it has been customary for the child’s parents to thank their chosen godmother’s for embracing the role of godparent with a small gift, which is why we’ve also collated a selection of gifts for godparents that’ll suit all styles and budgets. Whether you’re looking for gifts from godparents or gifts to godparents, you’re sure to find the perfect gift right here in our range of Godparent  Gifts. 

Keepsake Gifts

The lighting of the Christening Candle is a key part of any Christening ceremony, and an element of the service that godparents are often invited to take part in, either by carrying the candle to the font, or assisting in lighting it or treasuring it on baby’s behalf until after the service. Pay homage to the tradition with a Godparents thank-you gift that exists as a beautifully crafted, personalised candle. Our Personalised Godparents Candle is gorgeously decorated with a message of thanks, the godparents’ names, and the names of the little one offering it, while our Personalised Godparent candle is slightly more traditionally styled with a beautifully written poem and the child’s name written in discerning calligraphy style writing.

Photo Frames

Our godparent-inspired photo frames make excellent presents for both godparents and godchildren. Our charmingly designed Me and My Godparents Photo Frame is stylishly designed in a silver-coloured metal and beautifully adorned with totally cute heart, cross and rainbow illustration. If you’re the godparents, take a special picture of you all with your godchild and pop it into the frame to create a beautiful memento for baby’s nursery that remind will your precious little one just how loved he or she is. Alternatively, this gift makes an excellent gift for godparents! Fill with a picture of  your baby with his or her godparents and attach a handwritten ‘thank you’ message to create a beautiful gift that shows your gratitude. 

Novelty Gifts

Give your child’s godparents a new favourite mug with our uniquely personalised Personalised Godparent Mug.  Decorated with a traditional black cross design, the mug can be completely personalised by you. Over the top of the cross is space for the godparent’s name, while underneath the cross is plenty of room for a special message of thanks from your little one.