2nd Anniversary Gifts - Cotton

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Looking for second anniversary gifts? Whether you’re buying for a husband, a wife, or for a special couple, you’re sure to find the perfect 2nd anniversary present right here in our handpicked selection of Cotton Anniversary Gifts.

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2nd Anniversary Gifts - Cotton

Did you know?

A married couple’s second wedding anniversary is known as their cotton anniversary because gifts given to celebrate the occasion were traditionally made out of cotton. Cotton is a strong yet malleable fabric, one which can be adapted to create a whole range of garments, but still remain sturdy. The giving of a gift made out of cotton symbolises how married partners have to be both strong and malleable - sticking together, but also giving each other freedom and space.

In modern times, other materials that are frequently used to create second anniversary gifts include porcelain and china, dainty yet beautiful gifts which reflect the need to tread gently in marriage and build beautiful bonds. 

Cotton-inspired Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a gift that’s made out of cotton, or one which simply references the second anniversary, you’ll find the perfect item here in our selection of cotton second anniversary presents. As well as being beautifully designed to commemorate second anniversaries, our items can also be uniquely personalised by our team, allowing you to create wonderful, bespoke gifts that are unique to their recipients. 

Our Personalised Cushions make an excellent choice of gift for a second anniversary. Made out of a luxurious mix of polyester and cotton, these beautifully designed cushions are also personalised with unique information such as the couple’s names, the date of their wedding or second anniversary, and special messages. Our Personalised Sharing the Sofa Cushions feature the number 2, the message ‘sharing the sofa since’, and unique customisations, which include the couple’s surname and the date of their marriage. 

Our Personalised Embroidered Mr and Mrs Towels are perfect for a second anniversary. Made out of cotton, these snuggly soft towels are stunningly embroidered with each partner’s title and surname. Uniquely personalised, these towels will add a touch of personality to any bathroom. For the bedroom, our personalised Mr and Mrs Pillowcases make wonderful additions to any bed-spread. Customised with each partner’s name, the pillowcases are also embossed with the words Mr and Mrs, with each title being written in a strikingly attractive, cursive-style print. 

While not made out of cotton, our Pair of Personalised Second Anniversary Mugs are perfectly styled to suit a second anniversary. Featuring an intricately statement grey design, these mugs feature the words ‘Second Anniversary’ and are personalised with the couple’s surname and their preferred titles. 

Our Engraved Cotton Anniversary Photo Frame is another great gift for a second anniversary. Made out of silver-coloured metal, this perfectly polished frame is embossed along the top with the word ‘Cotton’, and can be engraved by our team with another message in the space beneath the picture. Fashionably styled, this modern frame is perfect for displaying one of the happy couple’s favourite pictures.