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Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, Christmasses, excellent school results or just looking to buy them a little treat, you’ll find some awesome gifts for children in our Children’s Games and Gadgets collection! 

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Gifts For Children

Children's Gadgets

The Remote Control Wall Racer is a gravity-defying super toy that can drive effortlessly up walls and along ceilings! Tapping into the car's 'Wall Mode' function activates a suction mechanism on the underside of the car that allows it to cling seamlessly to walls and ceilings. A super cool gadget that's sure to wow! Our Walking Westie is a cute little gadget toy. The adorable Westie is on her leash, which is fitted with a number of buttons; press them all to find out how to make her wal, yap and wag her tail like a real dog! Fitted with an ultra suave black neck tie, this fluffy little puppy is a delightful gadget for children of all ages. For star wars fan, our Star Wars Boba Fett Wind Up Toy and Stormtrooper Wind Up Toy will definitely go down well. This extra-large collectible features a little clockwork key which, when wound, propels the toy to walk forward on any flat surface. As well as being great for kids, this is also a great little gadget for collectors. Another gadget for Star Wars fans is our R2 D2 Torch With Sound. The perfect size to fit on any key ring, this handy little guy will help you find your way through the dark side, and will keep you company with his cheerful little droid sounds. Our next little gadget is perfect for bakers! Our magical icing wand allows you to decorate your cakes easily - with the help of a little fairy dust. Simply fill the wand with your icing sugar and wave it over the cakes to give them a wondrous dusting! 

Children's Games

Our Fart Card Game is the perfect game for kids (and grown-ups) with a sense of humour. Players race to play out their cards while trying to avoid the hazard of 'explosions'. 

This Wooden Domino Race game is inspired by the traditional dominos game and is a great game. Featuring 200 dominos, kids will be able to organise the dominos into an infinite array of layouts, and there are even wooden slabs and blocks included in the package to create stairways and bridges. While our dominos game will be a real treat for aspiring builders, our magic kit is perfect for budding magicians ... our Jamie Raven Sleight Of Hand Magic Set will make the perfect gift for anyone who's interested in performing a bit of magic. Featuring two parks of cards, a Membership card, and a black plastic magic box, this game also features everything a young magician needs to perform multiple tricks. There's also a secret online link to Jamie's website, where he will demonstrate how to perform each trick and share helpful hints about how to perfect your magic act and deliver mesmerising performances! 

Family Games

Family time is precious time and, with our family games, you can enjoy your  time together over a fun board game. 

The classic board game Tension has been recreated in our Family Tension Board Game, making it the perfect game for all members of the family to enjoy.  Each card presents a different problem, the answers to which have to be guessed by the player taking the turn, but beware - only answers that feature on the cards count! This addictive game is sure to inspire some true family fun. 

Who doesn't love Ant and Dec? Their hit weekend TV Show Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway has become a roaring success and now you can play your own version of it in your own home! Our Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway game is packed with exciting challenges, forfeits, show stopping 'End of the Show Shows!' and includes a playing board, challenge cards and a sand timer. 

Children's Jigsaws

As well as being super fun, jigsaws also have an educational value, encouraging children to use their problem solving skills to create recognisable patterns. We have plenty of jigsaw puzzles for inquisitive kids, including our Where's Wally Wild West 1000 pc Jigsaw Puzzle. As if finding Wally wasn't tricky enough before, you now have to put all the pieces of the picture together before you can search for him. Alternatively, our Dinosaur Park - Spot The DIfference 100pc Jigsaw is a puzzle that's sure to get their brains buzzing. Unlike the picture on the cover, the completed puzzle will have 12 little differences which will need to be spotted carefully. There is an answer cheat provided, but you might want to hide this for a while to stop cheating! The perfect gift for birthdays and stocking fillers.