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Children’s Gifts

A great range of personalised gifts for children

Whether you’re buying for a new baby, a birthday, Christmas, or some other occasion, we have a fantastic range of gifts for children.

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Personalised Star Of Fame Product Image Personalised Star Of Fame
(103 reviews)
Personalised Plant Pot Product Image Personalised Plant Pot
(12 reviews)
Junior Supercar Taster Product Image 36% OFF Junior Supercar Taster
WAS £69.00
Name a Star Premium Gift Box Product Image 30% OFF Name a Star Premium Gift Box
WAS £19.99
(22 reviews)
9 High Speed Passenger Rides Product Image 43% OFF 9 High Speed Passenger Rides
WAS £69.00
25 Mile City Helicopter Tour Product Image 23% OFF 25 Mile City Helicopter Tour
WAS £129.00
Segway Rally Adventure for Two Product Image 13% OFF Segway Rally Adventure for Two
WAS £79.00
Helicopter Stadium Tour Product Image 30% OFF Helicopter Stadium Tour
WAS £199.00
Little Dude Keepsake Product Image Little Dude Keepsake
(5 reviews)


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Gifts For Children

Books for Children

Reading with children is a great way to boost their confidence with literary and spend valuable time together. Our children’s books range is bursting with beautifully written books that are guaranteed to engage both children and adults. Our My Personalised Encyclopedia is the perfect gift for a variety of occasions, including starting school, Christmas, Birthdays, and just little treat days! Featuring the child’s name on the front, this book is filled with plenty of interesting facts that your little one will definitely be impressed by! 

Our range of personalised books includes a range of books which are specially adapted to include your child’s name as the name of the plot’s main character!

For Disney fans, our collection is also full of Disney books, all of which are based on the adventures of their favourite characters including Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, the musical Mexican cast of Coco,  and Dory and Nemo from Finding Nemo! The books are personalised, with the message ‘A book for …’ customised on the front cover.

Accessories for Children

What does every baker need? A wooden spoon! Our Personalised Baker Wooden Spoon is the perfect gift for aspiring bakers, with each one being uniquely personalised with the child’s name! Our Personalised Fairy Cake Maker Children’s Aprons are great, too, with each one being decorated with a cute butterfly and cupcake illustration and the child’s name!

For bedrooms, our Personalised Children’s Pillowcases are great for adding to any child’s bed. Personalised with the child’s name, these brightly decorated pillowcases are great for adding a touch of character to a little one’s bedroom!

Animal Soft Toys

Soft toys are often a win with small children, and our animal themed soft toys are particularly persuasive. Our Large Gorilla Soft Toy is a life-like gorilla toy complete with detailed facial expressions and two-toned gorilla fur. Featuring a grey stomach, this gorilla may look like a scary silver-back, but it’s actually a super cuddly soft plush that’s perfect for cuddling with. 

Our Living Nature Male Lion Soft Toy is a realistically created lion plushie with a lifelike and distinctive honey and chocolate main. Beautifully designed to look as much like a real lion possible and designed with a unique tag that features fun facts and information about lion’s in the wild, this lion is the perfect gift for animal lovers.


Our Wooden Pull Along Unicorn is the perfect gift for girly little girls. Shaped like a unicorn, each individual wooden piece of the toy is held to the next by a flexible piece of elastic string, which allows the unicorn to be smoothly pulled along. The slightly unequal wheels allow the unicorn to bob from side to side and move its wings up and down, furthering the illusion of movement and flying. Our Personalised Bobble & Pip Rocking Horse is a beautifully and timelessly designed brown-coloured horse on an authentic, wooden rocking frame. On the side of the horse is pocket, the inside of which is comfortable taken up by Bobble’s best friend Pip, who can be detached from the toy and cuddled. The side of the rocking frame can be uniquely personalised with the child’s name, making this a completely unique gift. 

Novelty Gifts

As well as being one of nature’s laziest creatures, the sloth is also one of its most loved. Our Adopt a Sloth gift is produced in association with The Sloth Conservation Foundation and allows its recipient to adopt a sloth for a period of 12 months. Inside the kit is a welcome letter, facts about sloths and their endangerment in the wild, a sloth leaflet, a poster, a postcard, and a registration sheet which should be filled in and sent back to the charity as soon as possible! Once the recipient of this gift’s adoption has been processed, a certificate will be dispatched to him or her within 28 days.