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Is your anniversary coming up? We understand how difficult choosing a gift for a husband can be, which is why we've made the job a little easier by hand-picking an awesome assortment of anniversary gifts for him.  anniversary gift ideas for men here to give you the inspiration you need to choose the perfect gift for him to help celebrate this special day together. 

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Anniversary Gifts For Men

Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake gifts are a wonderful way to commemorate and remember a special anniversary with the man you love. Our Your Year Personalised Anniversary Keepsake is a fantastic gift to position on his work desk, or in his man cave. Featuring the year you were born, this classic, jade-coloured keepsake can be personalised with a special message from you. Did you know that, traditionally, cotton was the present of choice for a couple's second year anniversary? Whether you're celebrating your second or your twelfth you're sure to love our keepsake Mr and Mrs Cushion which is uniquely embroidered with the year of your marriage and is humorously embossed with the words 'sharing the sofa since'. If you're looking to splash out on a keepsake gift that's sure to be cherished (and offer a practical as well as sentimental purpose), our gold plated personalised pocket watch is the ideal anniversary present. Stunningly plated in gold and fashioned with a delicately crafted skeleton mechanism, this pocket watch hangs on a gold-plated chain and is regulated by a quartz crystal, making it more handsome, and more reliable, than a regular mechanical clock. This gift is the perfect gift for an extra special anniversary.

Sports-Related Anniversary Gifts 

Does your hubby indulge in a hobby? If so, an anniversary gift that's tailored to what he enjoys is sure to do the trick. For golf lovers, our engraved golf putter is a wonderfully thoughtful and completely personalisable anniversary gift for him. Our Personalised Golf Book is also a great anniversary present for a golf-loving partner. If he's more footy mad than putt-y mad, our personalised football book will be right up his street. 

Novelty Anniversary Gifts

Our novelty range of anniversary gifts for him features our quirkiest novelty gifts. Some of our novelty gifts are humorous and bound to win a laugh, such as our Personalised Ladybooks For Adults - The Husband. Others, such as our Personalised Embroidered King of the Kitchen Apron, have an additional practical purpose. Our novelty Personalised Sharing the Duvet Since Pair of Pillowcases are a quirky way to pay homage to a well-celebrated anniversary and make great accessories for any couple's bed. 

Alcoholic Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate your anniversary by offering him a celebratory tipple. For whisky connoisseurs, there's our Personalised Single Malt Whisky, which is presented in a personalised whisky bottle and can be wrapped up in a silk-lined box, while for fortified wine lovers, our fine tawny port presented in a personalised wooden gift box is an excellent present. As well as a wide range of personalised alcoholic drinks, our alcoholics range also features accessory gifts, such as our Personalised 30th Anniversary Lead Crystal Disc Decanter, which is a perfect gift for a special Pearl anniversary. For a more humorous gift, there's our Anniversary Wine Bottle T-Shirt, which is personalised with the year of your anniversary, and can be slipped over his favourite bottle. 

Gift Experience Days 

Rather than offering him a gift he can keep this anniversary, offer him a gift he can remember. Our Gift Experience Days are a fantastic way to try new experiences and create lasting memories. Our golf lesson experience days are fantastic for golf lovers, while our James Bond experience is perfect for Bond lovers. For drivers, our car experience are ideal, while our wine-tasting sessions are wonderful for wine lovers. Gift Experience Days can also be used to treat the both of you. Get a day that you can get something out of too by selecting one of our hotel or spa experience days, or one our meal for two. Whatever you pick, you won't be disappointed.

Personalised Gifts

There are several types of personalised gifts available for wedding anniversaries for him that can make a lasting impression. One such gift is the Personalised Free Text Black Leather Wallet. This unique gift allows you to add a thoughtful message on the sleek leather interior. Not only does this gift have sentimental value, but it is also practical and can be carried with him wherever he goes.

Another personalised gift is the custom chopping board. This gift combines functionality with personalisation, as you can have his surname and his family members’ names engraved onto a stylish wooden surface. He can use this chopping board to prepare meals or display in his kitchen as a decorative piece. A special gift for any home. These personalised gift options are just a few examples of the options available for wedding anniversaries at The Gift Experience.

One sentimental gesture that never fails to impress is creating a personalised album or photo frame filled with cherished memories. This thoughtful gift allows him to reminisce about all the beautiful moments he has shared with his wife. Additionally, flowers are a timeless symbol of love and can instantly brighten up any occasion.

For those with a sweet tooth, personalised chocolates can be a perfect choice. And to truly make the occasion memorable, prosecco is a luxurious option that exudes romance and sophistication.

For key anniversaries, it is common to follow traditional gift offerings. For example, the first anniversary usually calls for a paper gift, while the tenth anniversary is celebrated with a gift made of tin. Pearl, ruby, and sapphire are also traditional gift ideas for the 30th, 40th, and 45th anniversaries respectively.

When it comes to celebrating love, choosing the right gift is crucial. By considering sentimental gestures, personalised options, and traditional gift offerings for key anniversaries, you can ensure that your romantic gift will be cherished for years to come.

Couples massage or spa day experience
Couples massage or spa day experiences are another great gift idea for a wedding anniversary gift for him. This allows the couple to relax and unwind together, creating new and lasting memories. A spa day experience can include massages, facials, body treatments, and access to spa facilities such as sauna, steam room, and pool.
Dinner at Marco Pierre White
Imagine him stepping into a realm of elegance and indulgence at a top-notch restaurant. The ambiance envelops him in a warm glow, while soft music sets the mood, creating an atmosphere of romance and intimacy. The venue for such an enchanting experience? None other than the renowned Marco Pierre White's London Steakhouse Co. Nestled in the heart of London, this spectacular setting offers a divine haven that is sure to make for an unforgettable evening.
Weekend getaway to a romantic destination
Let him enjoy a romantic weekend getaway to a stunning destination where love is in the air and unforgettable memories are made. Our enticing packages range from countryside escapes to city breaks. We also offer a two night getaway with afternoon tea, where he can also indulge in an enchanting experience of afternoon tea for two at a choice of tea rooms nationwide. As he relaxes and unwinds, a delightful selection of cakes and teas will be served, creating the perfect setting for intimate conversations and stolen glances. This experience is sure to create timeless memories that will last a lifetime. So, why wait? Treat him to a truly magical experience filled with love, luxury, and relaxation.