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Engraved Glasses

A wide range of Engraved Glasses for any occasion

Engraving takes glassware to another level. View our beautiful engraved glass products below and find the perfect gift for any occasion. 

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Contemporary Glasses

Take a step away from traditional with our contemporarily designed Personalised Fizz Multicoloured Wine Glass in a set of four. Perfect for people who have recently moved house, these strikingly colourful glasses are designed with a unique glass bubble effect and decorated within the glass, meaning the vibrancy of the colours won’t diminish over time or with washing. The glasses can each be customised with the same message, or individually personalised with a message of their own. 

Our Personalised Bronze Band Wine Glasses make a striking pair! Featuring a modern, straight-side design, the glasses feature a modern bronze band design and each receptacle can be uniquely personalised in classy cursive writing with a message of your choice. The perfect gift for wedding days, anniversaries, and couples celebrating a house move, these fabulous glasses are sure to wow with their quirky extravagance.


Our Personalised Dartington Fizz, Fizz, Fizz set is another contemporary set. Each glass is designed with a distinctly modern flourish, and uniquely engraved. The perfect gift for those who have just moved house, these glasses are perfect for entertaining guests.

Traditional Glasses

Our traditionally-styled Personalised Mr and Mrs Cut Crystal Wine Glasses exhibit a timeless design that will be treasured forever. Beautifully decorated with a deep-cut crystal pattern, these quality glasses have an elegantly patterned stem and each one can be beautifully engraved in silver or gold touched writing with a unique message. The perfect gift for a wedding day, these will make excellent glasses for the Bride and Groom. Our range features a whole array of traditionally styled flutes and glasses that make excellent toasting glasses for the bride and groom on their big day, and which can be uniquely engraved to suit. There’s also a range of whisky tumblers for those who prefer spirits over wine.  Our Engraved Cut Crystal Anniversary Whisky Tumblers are similarly styled, featuring the traditional deep-cut faceted pattern around each of the glasses. Each tumbler can be engraved with up to 20 characters, and can be packaged carefully in a silk-lined presentation box.

Glasses and Alcoholic Drinks Sets

What’s the point in having a new wine glass if you haven’t got anything to fill it with?! Well, now you can solve two problems with one buy; our glasses and alcoholic drink sets feature a full-size bottle of your favourite wine - the label on which is uniquely personalised with your recipient’s name and a special message - and come with a beautiful set of glasses that are engraved with a bubbly cheers design. Choose from full-bodied Merlot, vibrant Rose or a crisp White. Or, for something a little extra, our Personalised Cava and Glasses Gift Set is the perfect thing, featuring a bottle of personalised bubbly Cava and a pair of stylish flutes. 

Gin Glasses

Move over Prosecco, Gin is shaping up to be the new ‘it’ drink, popping up in a wide variety of flavours and designs and being paired with a distinctive array of accompaniments including elderflower, lemonade and the traditional tonic water. Our Gin glasses are perfect for those who love gin, and are great gifts for bridesmaids. Our Personalised Bridesmaid Wine Glass is beautifully decorated with a flourishing love-heart design and the Bridesmaid’s name, which is written in elegant script-style writing. There’s also space on the glass for a personalised message, too.