Cheeky Valentine’s Gifts

Naughty and unusual gifts for Valentine's Day

Ready for our cheekiest selection of Valentine’s Gifts ever? We’ve compiled our favourite cheeky novelty Valentine’s Gifts into one place, giving you the freedom to browse our quirkiest and kinkiest Valentine’s gifts.


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Cheeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

Novelty Valentine’s Day Gifts

Our tongue-in-cheek Knob Grabber gift is actually really handy in the kitchen. With the grabber, you won’t have to burn your hand on a pan lid every again; simply squeeze the knob grabber and use it to clasp the lids of hot pans with no pain to you. 

Our Personalised Property Of Ladies Hipster Briefs are perfect for Valentine’s Day! Remind him how lucky he/she is to have you by show-casing these personalised, pink-lined briefs. As well as being right up his or her street, these briefs are perfectly designed for everyday use, featuring a deep lace waistband and a double layer gusset for extra comfort.

For him, our Your Name Was Here Personalised Underpants are a similarly styled present. Featuring a cheeky lipstick design, these shorts are uniquely personalised with his lover’s name and are great for Valentine’s Day. Our Pull Down and Carry on Shorts are another pair of boxers that are sure to win some laughs! Personalised with his partner’s name, when revealed, these boxers show the instruction ‘... Pull Down and Carry On!’. 

Valentine’s Day Games

Our Kinky Cards gift is definitely one of our cheekiest presents! Designed to spice up couples’ love lives, this naughty scratch card game is great for inspiring new fantasies and encourage you and your partner to engage in some novel bedtime experiences! When it’s time to play, gently take one card from the velour pack, scratch the front to reveal the instruction and do what it says …

Our Valentine’s Day Romantic Reward Cards also feature a scratch-card design, and are specially designed to encourage couples to spend more time together enjoying one another’s company. Scratch away the front of the card and reveal suggestions such as dinner dates, romantic getaways and kinky new moves for the bedroom! 

The Saucy Charades Game is full of sexy innuendos and tongue-in-cheek remarks that are bound to cause a stir! Just as in regular charades, you will each take turns to act out a variety of suggestive actions, such as ‘Sliding Down a Fireman’s Pole’ and ‘Stuffing a Turkey’. The perfect game for Valentine’s Day, this will definitely incite a few laughs, and could lead to something else! 

Relaxing Valentine’s Gifts

Our Chocolate Massage Kit is the perfect gift for couples! Relaxing and fun, this kit includes 200ml of cocoa body butter that can be slowly massaged into the skin, a tealight holder to create a relaxing, candle-lit mood, 2 chocolate scented candles to really carry on the chocolate theme, 6 incense candles for a calming aroma, and 1 plastic spatula - perfect for scooping the cocoa butter onto shoulders and back muscles!