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Mother's Day Gifts for Mummy

A wide range of Mother's Day gifts for Mummy

If you’re looking for a special gift for a lovely mummy, you’ll find it right here in our adorable selection of delightfully designed Mother’s Day Gifts for mummy. Find something your little ones will love to present their mummy with amongst our vibrant collection of personalised cushions, jewellery and keepsakes.

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Mothers Day Gifts for Mummy

Mother’s Day Cushions

An adorable accessory for mummy and her little one’s favourite chair! Our Personalised Cuddling Mummy Cushion is personalised with the date of your child’s birth and features the message ‘Mummy and Me Cuddling on the Sofa Since …’ inside a pretty pink pattern. Our Personalised First Mother’s Day Cushion is a wonderful gift for mummy on her first ever Mother’s Day! Gorgeously designed with pretty pink writing, a love-heart design and unique personalised, this is a truly fabulous gift. See more of our First Mother’s Day gift ideas here. 


Our keepsake gifts feature plenty of cute little keepsake presents that Mummy will love. Our Mummy Trinket Box is an adorable white and lilac box that’s prettily adorned with a small diamante. Perfect for storing away earrings and other little bits and bobs, this lovely little trinket will be a beautiful accessory on mummy’s dressing table. Our Mummy Penguin and Chick plush features a mummy penguin snuggling into a little chick and is the perfect symbol of the love between a mummy and her little one on Mother’s Day. Cute and cuddly, this snuggly pair will make an adorable keepsake present for Mummy’s Mother’s Day. 

Personalised Gifts

Our range of Mummy gifts for Mother’s Day is filled with fabulously designed gifts that can be uniquely personalised. Within our collection, you’ll find plenty of personalised Mummy gift ideas that your mum will be sure to love on Mother’s Day. 

Our Personalised Mummy You’re Simply Fabulous Candles, Prints and Mugs all feature the same gorgeously chic grey and pink design, with each one being artfully customised with a message of your choice. Whether you choose a candle for her dressing table, a print for her wall, or a mug for her morning brew, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous design that she’ll love.

Wrap her little one up in a gorgeously customised baby grow and watch her face beam with our personalised Mummy’s Day Baby Grows, including our Personalised My Mummy Rocks Baby Grow , and our Personalised I Love My Mummy Star Design Baby Grow. 

Our Personalised Best Mum/Mummy Teddy Bear is a cute little honey-coloured bear who arrives at your mummy’s door dressed in a lovingly personalised white t-shirt which, as well as being printed with the words ‘Best Mummy’, will also feature a unique message. 


Our Freshwater Pearl Bracelet With Engraved Silver Plated Heart is a stunningly designed bracelet that will look beautiful on any mummy’s wrist. Strikingly strung with genuine fresh-water pearls, the bracelet also features a silver-plated heart charm, the front of which can be uniquely engraved with mummy’s name. And, to match, our Pearl Pendant with Personalised Gift Box is a stunning gift Mother’s Day gift, too. Beautifully crafted out of real sterling silver, a single freshwater pearl is delicately hung from the dainty chain. A traditionally designed pearl necklace, this is a timeless gift that Mummy will be able to wear time and time again. 

Photo Frames

Photo frames make wonderful presents, especially ones which have been uniquely personalised. Our Engraved Mummy Shiny Silver Photo Frame is a stunningly modern silver frame that comes embossed with the word ‘Mummy’ and uniquely engraved with a special Mummy’s Day message from you.