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7th Anniversary Gifts - Wool

Wool Anniversary Gifts for a 7th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating a special couple’s seventh anniversary? You’ll find the perfect gifts right here in The Gift Experience’s amazing array of anniversary gifts.

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7th Anniversary - Wool

While many couples focus on celebrating their double-figure wedding anniversaries, the 7th anniversary is one that definitely ought to also be commemorated. The number 7 is widely regarded as a special number, being the number of spiritual completeness and good luck. Most religious give the number 7 significance (think of the 7 days of creation and 7th heaven) and it is often regarded as the most magical ‘number’. Given the number 7’s significance, any couple who has celebrated 7 years together deserves a special gift to celebrate their union. 

The 7th Wedding Anniversary is often referred to as the Wool Anniversary on account of the fact that wool is typically identified as the material of choice for gifts created to mark the occasion. Wool may seem like a strange material from which to create a gift, but it has a great deal of significance. In Roman times, newly wedded wives would wipe their thresholds with wool in an attempt to inspire good fortune in their marital home, and it’s characteristic warmth symbolises the comfort and love that married individuals offer one another. 

Wool Inspired Gifts 

Here at The Gift Experience, our variegated range of specially designed 7th anniversary gifts features plenty of wool inspired gifts; whether you’re buying for a partner or a much-loved you’ll find the perfect gift right here!

Our Engraved Seventh Wedding Anniversary Mantel Clock is the perfect gift for a seventh anniversary. Elegantly handcrafted from perfectly clear optical crystal, this breathtaking clock is stunningly illustrated with an intricate pattern design and embossed with the words ‘7 Wool Anniversary’ and can be uniquely engraved with a special message of your choice. Whether you’re buying for a partner or for a special couple, this ornate clock will make a perfect keepsake centerpiece in any room. 

If you’re buying for a partner, giving gifts that pay homage to the theme of wool can be tricky (after all, a wooly jumper isn’t usually on a couple’s anniversary gift wish list!), but our cute Personalised Little Lamb is a great way to bring a smile to your partner’s face, and recognise the traditional significance of a 7th anniversary. This smiley little lamb features a cute cotton t-shirt that can be personalised with a special message. 

If you’re buying for a happy couple, give them a special place to display their favourite seventh anniversary photo with our Engraved (7th) Wool Anniversary Photo Frame! Elegantly embossed with the words ‘Wool Anniversary’, this beautiful photo frame references the traditional name for this anniversary and is made out of stunning silver-coloured metal, making it the perfect accessory for any decor. The bottom of the frame also features enough space for a special message from you, the giver, which can be lovingly engraved on the frame by our The Gift Experience team.