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55th Anniversary Gifts - Emerald

Emerald Anniversary Gifts for a 55th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating a 55th wedding anniversary is an enormous milestone in any couple’s life, and it’s one which deserves celebrating. Whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one on your anniversary, or for a much-loved couple that you know, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our 55th (Emerald) Anniversary gift selection.


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Emerald-Inspired Gifts

Traditionally, gifts given for a 55th anniversary featured emeralds. Emeralds are precious stones, and they’re relatively rare; their association with the 55th anniversary symbolises the immense value and precious rarity of such an incredible milestone. Our Personalised Optical Crystal Green Diamond Paperweight is a beautifully designed faceted green coloured crystal that exudes style and elegance and beautifully reflects natural light. Its stunning emerald colour makes it the perfect gift for an Emerald Anniversary, whether you’re buying for a partner or a couple, and the top of the crystal can be uniquely engraved with a special message of your well wishes. Our 55th (Emerald) Anniversary Keepsake is another great sentimental keepsake for an Emerald Anniversary. Traditionally styled as a square-shaped memento, this keepsake is crafted out of jade-tinted glass, the perfect colour for an emerald anniversary, and uniquely engraved with your well wishes. Our Personalised Emerald Anniversary Cushion is another great gift idea for couples celebrating their emerald anniversary. Comprising an intricately designed, green-coloured illustration, this cushion is uniquely embroidered with the names of the celebrating couple, the words ‘Emerald Anniversary’, and the date of their marriage or anniversary. Our Personalised Emerald Anniversary Framed Print is gorgeously embellished with an emerald-coloured 55, and uniquely personalised with the happy couple’s names (whether it be their real names or monikers such as mum and dad and nan and grandad) and a special message. 


If you’re looking for an emerald anniversary gift, jewellery is a perfect choice. Our Love You to Pieces necklace may not contain emeralds, but it’s a fitting gift for a 55th anniversary, and one which she can wear with pride. Filled with brass jigsaw pieces, one of which is uniquely engraved with her initials, this beautiful necklace hangs from a gold-plated stainless steel chain and is perfect for showing how just loved she is. For him, our Pocket Watch Range features a diverse selection of excellently designed pocket watches that have been beautifully crafted from a wide range of metals. Our Personalised Chrome Pocket Watch with Sunburst Dial is a perfect gift idea for him, while our Gold Plated Pocket Watch has an additional touch of class and sophistication. Both of these watches can be uniquely engraved, too, allowing you to create beautiful and meaningful gifts that are perfect for occasions as special as a 55th Wedding Anniversary. 

Novelty Gifts

Our Novelty Gifts range has gifts to suit all budgets and styles. Our Pair of Personalised Emerald Anniversary Mugs are ideal for couples celebrating their Emerald Anniversary. Comprising a mug each, these mugs are beautifully decorated with an intricate and eye-catching emerald-coloured pattern, and uniquely customised with the dates of the couple’s marriage. Our pillowcases feature the same pattern, and make wonderful additions to the couple’s bedroom, being personalised with their names and the dates of their marriage.