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Luxury Personalised Cut Lead Crystal Rose Bowl

Luxury Personalised Cut Lead Crystal Rose Bowl product image

Luxury Personalised Cut Lead Crystal Rose Bowl

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Product Details
This stunning Personalised 24% Lead Crystal Panelled Rose Bowl is a very eye-catching piece of crystal. Mouth blown and hand cut, each facet of the glass collects light and refracts it like a prism, turning the crystal Rose Bowl in to a colourful object of art.

The term 'panelled' means that a clear panel of crystal has been left for engraving purposes and hence we can engrave your special message of choice on the rose bowl. A great Crystal (15th) Anniversary present but suitable for any occasion, Crystal Rose Bowls make perfect gifts, trophies or presentation pieces and along with the text you have chosen your beautiful Crystal Rose Bowl will be treasured forever by a grateful recipient. 

The chrome net of wire on top of the Rose Bowl is designed to hold blooms, whether they be roses or not, separately and in an orderly fashion. Just cut each bloom's stalk short enough to stand up in the  net, but long enough to reach the water beneath. A crystal Rose Bowl full of blooms is a truly magnificent sight.

Width: Appros 6.5 inches across the top of the bowl.

Packaging : Luxury Satin Lined Gift Box

NB: Please note that as this is a hand-blown product it may have some imperfections or irregularities or even a slightly asymmetric form.  These irregularites show that a human hand produced the piece rather than a machine. Many hand-blown glass objects contain small air bubbles inside the glass. These air bubbles can get trapped inside of the heated glass during the blowing process, and they remain in the finished piece.

Customer Star Reviews (6)