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Personalised Books for Adults

From serious to humorous - our books for adults

We have a great range of personalised books for adults, full of fun and tongue in cheek. Have a gift personalised with their details, or an inscription with your personal message.


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Funny personalised books for grown-ups 

Raise a laugh with one of our Ladybird Books for Adults! Featuring original Ladybird artwork, these books are the grown-up versions of the classic Ladybird stories we remember from our childhoods. Featuring titles such as 'The Hangover', The Wife', and 'The Mum' these books provide humorous guides to dealing with adult situations such as hangovers and marriages. Great for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Mother's Day, each book is uniquely personalised with its recipient's name. Our Haynes Explains books are equally tongue-in-cheek. Haynes Explains Babies provides a comic guide to looking after babies that's perfect for giving to new and expecting parents. Our collection also includes tales inspired by Enid Blyton's classic famous-five stories, such as 'Five Go on a Strategy Away Day', and 'Five Forget Mother's Day'. For more funny adult books, browse our full range! 

Sentimental Books

Our Personalised Your Life in Pictures is a beautifully sentimental piece of historic memorabilia that can be treasured forever as a birthday, Christmas or retirement present. Personalised with the recipient's name and filled with newspaper cut outs and headlines from each year of his or her life, the book's opening page can also be uniquely personalised with a message of your choice to create a beautifully bespoke book. 

Sports Books 

Our Personalised Football Quiz Book is a great present for football fans! The hard-backed cover features a traditional pitch design and is uniquely adapted to include the recipient's name. Inside the book, each page is filled with football-themed puzzles, quizzes and conundrums, and there's even a section of questions about its recipient's favourite football team! You can also choose to add to a unique message to the book's opening page.

Books from the Kids

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift from the kids, our books are perfect. Our I Would Do Anything For You Mum is a hardback book that’s filled with 24 pages of rhyming scenarios and childlike illustrations and is perfect for showing mum just how special she is! The book can be personalised on the front cover with mum’s name and a personalised message, allowing you to create a truly bespoke book that she’ll adore.