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Personalised Books for Adults & Children

A wide range of Personalised Books

Personalised books put give that special someone a magical gift unique to them. Whether its putting children in a story or creating memories of a special occasion, we’ll have the right gift for you.


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Personalised Books

Personalised Books For Adults 

Personalised Rugby Newspaper Books. Available in three different titles, these books feature important Rugby headlines and make great gifts for dedicated Rugby enthusiasts!

Personalised Anniversary Year Book - News From Your Wedding Year is the perfect gift for married couples celebrating their anniversaries. 

Our First Year Personalised Newspaper Book. As well as being a fun look back on your first year together that you can cherish forever as a sentimental keepsake from your early married life, being made of paper, it’s also a classically fitting present for a first anniversary. Traditionally, first anniversaries were marked by exchanging gifts made out of paper. 

Personalised Novelty Books

Personalised Enid Blyton Book - Five Forget Mother’s Day. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for those who may have missed the memo and forgot to pick up a gift before Mother’s Day, this humorous take on the traditional Famous Five stories written by famous children’s writer, Blyton. Unlike their child-friendly templates, these stories feature funny stories that will appeal to adults, with titles such as Five go on a Strategy Away Day, Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre, and Five Go Gluten Free humorously tackling some of the pit-falls of adult life. The Personalised Ladybird Books for Adults  are similarly styled, with books such as Mindfulness, The Wife and Dating existing to provide advice on keeping calm, coping with one’s wife, and finding one’s way through the minefield that is modern-day dating.

Personalised Books for Children

Personalised Books make excellent gifts for children, and are ideal gifts for a range of occasions, including baby showers, Christening Days, Naming Ceremonies and birthdays. Our Personalised Hardback Classic Children's Book - Nursery Rhymes features the English language’s most well loved nursery rhymes and is uniquely embellished with its recipient’s name. 

Children as the Main Character Books

My Name Is … Personalised Story Book. Let your child take the reins in a wonderful story that centers around him or her! Personalised with your little one’s first name, the protagonist of this story is named after your little one, boosting your little one’s engagement and enthusiasm! Our Personalised Story Books include exciting titles such as The Magical Bookcase and The Princess and the Mysterious Noise, with each one providing a wealth of adventuring and inciting your little one to participate in reading activities. 

Personalised Disney Books

Our range of children’s books feature a diverse array of some of Disney’s most well-known stories, including Finding Nemo, Moana, and Frozen. Take a break from the TV and use these reading books to keep up to date with your favourite Disney characters. These full-length stories are beautifully based on the films they represent and gorgeously illustrated with familiar scenes from your favourite Disney movies. 

Personalised Peter Rabbit Books 

As every child’s favourite mischief-making, radish-stealing, well-dressed bunny, it’s no surprise that Beatrix Potter’s classic character pops up in our collection of Children’s books. The Peter Rabbit Little Book of Virtue and The Little Peter Rabbit Book of Harmony both feature extracts taken from some of Potter’s best-known tales and are classically decorated with the original Peter Rabbit illustrations. The books give advice on how to remain virtuous and harmonious in spite of life’s difficulties and features a humorous array of witty commentaries. The recipient’s name is personalised inside the book, and the book itself comes packaged in a stunning cream gift box.