Secret Santa Gift Ideas

A wide range Secret Santa Gifts for Christmas

Below we’ve curated a wide range of gifts that would be perfect for Secret Santa presents. Whether it’s at the office or with your family, we'll have a great gift! Take a look at our recommendations below!

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Whether you're playing with relatives, friends or colleagues, Secret Santa has become a Christmastime staple. Choosing gifts for Secret Santa, though, can be tricky, which is why we've put together our top favourites! 

1. Know someone who loves a spot of freshly brewed tea? Our Metallic Monochrone Tea Time Teapot For One is the perfect secret santa gift for tea lovers, particularly those who prefer their tea to have been brewed in a pot than a mug. 

2. For those who enjoy a little bit of heat in their food, give them a challenge with our Grow Your Own Chilli Plant. 

3. If your secret santa is soon to be turning 18 or is known to enjoy a good party session, why not give them a humorous life-lesson about the dangers of hangovers with our Personalised Ladybird Books For Adults - The Hangover

4. Our Personalised Medal is an all round favourite Secret Santa Gift. Perfect for bosses, colleagues and friends, these personalised medals can be uniquely engraved. And, at only £11.99, they're perfect for those Secret Santa games where presents have to be under £15! 

5.  For Secret Santa gifts under a fiver, our USA Crazy Laces are an ideal novelty gift, while our Star Wars Rogue One Gadget Decals are great for Star Wars fans. For pug lovers, our Bath Pug is guaranteed to raise a smile! Featuring a plastic pug in a red rubber ring, when plugged into the bath, the little pug will rise to the top of the water. 

6. If your Secret Santa has a sweet tooth, our Personalised Sweetie Jar is the perfect present. Featuring an array of classic old-school sweeties, the front of the jar is uniquely personalised with its recipient's name.


7. Our Personalised Mouse Mat is a fabulous gift for work colleagues and can be uniquely personalised with your favourite photo of them. 

8. Got a parent for Secret Santa? Our personalised photo christmas bauble is a perfect gift for mums and dads. Simply furnish with a picture of you, your kids, or the beloved family dog. Or, for a more humorous present, why not give mum the tongue-in-cheek gift of the childishly styled Ladybird Book 'Mum' or the Enid Blyton copy 'Five Go Parenting'?

9. For Gin lovers, our All I Want for Christmas is Gin Doormat is the perfect Secret Santa gift that they'll love (although maybe not as much as a bottle of gin, such as our Personalised Gin, or our Gin and Tonic Bath Bombs!). 

10. Looking for gifts under £10! No problem. If your Secret Santa limit is a tenner, you'll find plenty of options in our range, such as our Computer Geek Bottle Stopper, our Prosecco Bath Bombs, our Beer Pong Game and our Music Trivia 90s game!