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Personalised Vegan Sweet Jar

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Personalised Vegan Sweet Jar

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A tasty sweet jar that can be enjoyed by Vegans, Vegetarians and Celiacs and anyone else who loves delicious sweets.

Delicious sweets that include everyone! Vegan sweets can be hard to find - these are also vegetarian and Celiac friendly - so gluten free, dairy free, and no animal products included!

A really great variety mix that is suitable for everyone to enjoy together and the retro collection of old skool chews, lolly pops, candies and other firm favourites! Each jar contains an mix of parma violets, drumstick chews, fizzers, refresher chews, lollies, fruity pops and love hearts…

The generous size of the Personalised Vegan Sweets Jar measures over 20cm tall and weighs in at just under 1 kilo!!

So now you’ve found the illusive sweeties, you can also personalise the label with the name of your choice to add that special touch, to make sure they know the thought behind the sweetest of gifts.

Key Features:
• 1 Kilo of Vegan friendly sweets
• Presented in a personalised sweet jar – Measuring 19 x 11 x 11cm

• Personalised with a name – Maximum of 15 characters per name.

• 1 Kilo, Vegan Friendly mix Including Fizzers, Refresher Chews, Parma Violets, Drumstick Chews, Double lollies, Fruity Pops and Love Hearts.