Christening Day Keepsakes

When a child is born it is the happiest feeling imaginable for the parents but also for the rest of the family, siblings becoming aunties and uncles, parents becoming grandparents and close friends having the honour of becoming a child’s godparent.
White Imitation Leather Christening Bible with silver plaque
The christening of your new child is a celebration for all involved and as your child is introduced to God and to the church, it is a chance for family and friends to gather together to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy or girl. It may be the first opportunity for some family members to see the child and to give the family their best wishes as well as presenting the child with special Christening Gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

Baby photo albums are the perfect way to secure all of those precious moments both from the christening itself and to capture the child as he/she grows up during those early years. Our Personalised Baby Albums are a stunning way to store and display your favourite photographs with a space for you to include a special message to the little one.

Personalising Gifts adds that extra sentimental touch to a gift and shows just how much thought you have put into the gift. Personalised Christening Gifts provide such a lovely keepsake for the child to look back on when they are older with fond tales of the occasion and of the person who gave the gift.

Other Christening Gift Ideas that will remain a special gift to the child are things that will both mean something to them and is something that they can actually use such as a Personalised Christening Cushion or a child’s bracelet with a personalised box to be worn at the christening and afterwards, a silver plated money box to help them start their savings or even one of our cute personalised cutlery sets to make their meal times so much more fun!

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