The Best 21st Birthday Gifts

Celebrating a 21st Birthday may look a little different at the moment - roll on family-only parties, Birthday walks, socially distanced of course, and the dreaded Zoom quiz. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect gift to help them celebrate in style, whatever the lockdown excuse for a party may be.


Nothing says Birthday like a glass of something to celebrate, whether they like a classic glass of bubbly or prefer a traditional pint of beer a personalised 21st Birthday pint glass will give them that special Birthday feeling. 

For those who prefer something a little stronger a personalised 21st Birthday hip flask is a great way to celebrate and a lovely keepsake for their special Birthday. If they have a tendency to party hard, this night of/morning after combo will be the perfect gift for the resistant party animal, featuring a stemless glass for the celebration and a ‘hangover in progress’ mug for the day after. 


Personalised glasses are a lovely gift for those once in a lifetime occasions, available to everyone’s tastes - whether it's beer, wine, whiskey or something else entirely - they can be enjoyed on the special day and serve as a lovely keepsake for years to come. 



If you’re looking to give them something special to remember their 21st Birthday keepsake gifts can be perfect, especially when you can’t be with them to celebrate. 


  • Personalised Frames are a gorgeous gift, especially when you can’t be there to celebrate in person. This stylish frame has a lovely message in beautiful white and gold script against a black background, add in a picture of the two of you to make it extra special
  • Keepsake candles can be a lovely but practical gift to brighten their special day. Add a special message or a unique photo for a personal touch. 
  • Personalised cushions are a lovely gift for those who are more homely and will be having a tame 21st Birthday celebration, snuggled up on the sofa watching their favourite movie or chatting with friends and family. Add a personalised message to this stylish cushion to make it that little bit more special. 


The ideal 21st present for the Birthday Girl can be hard to find, balancing something special which she can keep for years to come but that will also be useful for her is a real trick but we think we may have sussed it. Here’s our ideas:

  • Jewellery is the perfect gift that she can enjoy wearing now and for years to come. A personalised bracelet with a classic clasp and an engraved pendant is very chic, ideal for a 21st gift. Or if they don’t wear bracelets, a beautiful sterling silver necklace presented in a personalised box, is a great alternative. 
  • Jewellery boxes can be a lovely gift for her Birthday, something a little different from the classic 21st gifts but a lovely memento for the occasion. An antique style jewellery box engraved with your special message is the perfect practical keepsake for her special day. 
  • Compact mirrors are a great practical, keepsake gift for her 21st Birthday. She can keep it in a handbag or makeup bag to have it with her always. Make it extra special with an engraved message or with this compact you can add a photo of you and the Birthday girl together. 


If you’re looking for a more traditional 21st gift this engraved age key is a gorgeous twist on the classic ‘key to the door’ gift.  


If you’re looking for a 21st Birthday present for him which is a little different from the traditional gifts,  we have pulled together some of our faves:  

  • Personalised glasses for beer, wine or something stronger are quite a classic gift for big birthdays but mix it up a little with a personalised bottle of beer, customize the label with his name and a special message. Not a Beer fan? Don’t worry, this is also available as lager, cider or even whisky
  • 21st Birthday Mugs are a great, unique gift. Featuring a fun, multicolour design with a special message on the back, this mug is a lovely way to enjoy your morning coffee. This modern, gunmetal foil design on bone china makes for a great practical 21st Birthday Mug. 
  • Personalised Year Books are a fun alternative to traditional 21st gifts. Featuring the news from the year of their birth or their life in pictures showcasing major world events through images, these books are a great way to look back over their 21 years. 

Just because you can’t see them on their birthday doesn’t mean it can’t still be special. Organise a present opening call and make the same cake to share a slice. It may look a little different this year but there are still lots of fun ways to celebrate their 21st. Take advantage of our Gift Wrap service, send this special gift straight to the recipient with a personalised gift card. 

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