Buying Christmas gifts for him – 5 tips we wish we'd known earlier

Have you ever given him a Christmas gift and seen his eyes go dull and glassy - that all too familiar look of I want them to think I love it but what the hell is it?

Well its a lot easier than you think to buy him a Christmas gift he'll love; just follow these 5 tips...
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1. Listen -  He'll probably tell you what he wants/likes even if he doesn't realise

This may seem like an obvious tip but most men/people tend to drop hints about what they like and want, even if they don't realise they are doing it.

If he's mentioned recently that after his next pay-day he might buy new shoes, an Xbox game, speakers, etc. this is an obvious indication of the things he wants. Another huge one to listen out for is, “I want a bottle of whisky but I can't justify getting it right now.”

However, some men may be a little more subtle or not be trying to drop hints at all. Some more phrases worth listening out for can follow the form of:

I'm nearly out of aftershave
My trainers are starting to look really worn
I really like Green Day's new album
I could do with a new set of cufflinks

The key to surprising him with a Christmas present he wants is to listen for indicators in normal conversation, especially if he is complaining (as everyone does) about something he currently has! Also write it down, or make a note on your phone, straight away so you don't forget.

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2. Think about him as a person

We don't just mean think about 'what will he like' as you desperately rush around a store with all the other Christmas shoppers. We mean think about what he already has and what he already likes, does he have a lot of sports gear or jewellery, is he a fan of wine, tea or beer, what does he enjoy doing?

Write down what you already know about him in a list and you'll be surprised how much difference this  makes when you shop for a Christmas gift.

For instance, if you know he loves coffee but is never on time in the morning to have one then get him something useful but interesting like a Batman travel mug and matching hip flask. Or if he loves a drink of whisky but you don't want to buy a bottle, then get him something more personal like engraved whisky glasses.

By following this thought pattern you can explain why you bought him that Christmas gift and show him it's because you pay attention to him.

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3. Get him something simple but make it unique

You know he likes a drink of beer in the evening – the list from tip 2 tells you so. Yet what can you do with that information to give him something meaningful – getting him some beers and a tankard might sound a bit simple.

But, it's important to remember that you want to get him a Christmas gift that he'll love and use, so you're almost there, you just need one more step. Take that tankard and those bottles of beer and have them personalised with a special message or date that will be meaningful.

The same idea can work with so many other types of Christmas gifts too like jewellery, hip flasks and even steak knives.

This will show that not only have you thought about what he likes but taken that information to a whole new level to make sure you put a real smile on his face.

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4.  Don't buy him something mundane

It might be that you have put previous steps together and resulted in:

1. He said: “I could do with a new deodorant.”
2. He likes smelling fresh.
3. I will personalise some deodorant for him.

However, the key to getting him a Christmas gift he will love is buying something that spoils him. You may argue that he is not the type of guy that likes being spoiled, however, we are here to tell you that any man likes knowing someone loves him enough to really put thought into his gift and buy him something special.

Despite top tip number 1, don't fall into the trap of getting him something he needs that isn't special, for instance:

I'm nearly out of shampoo
My break pads are starting to look really worn (just suggest he get these sorted anyway!)
I could do with some new socks

You see what we mean.

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5. The Christmas gift doesn't have to be a 'gift'

Bear with us for this one. If you think of buying a Christmas gift, you think of a (hopefully) beautifully wrapped item that he can open and hold – This doesn't have to be the case.

If there is something you think he may enjoy doing it's possible that an experience day or weekend away may be a better Christmas gift for him than a new jumper.

There are so many experience days out there, from super car driving blasts, flying lessons and bungee jumping to spa days, meals out and vineyard tours, so it's definitely another option when buying gifts for him.

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