Groomswear - Choosing The Right Attire

Choosing the right attire naturally requires some effort. This is your opportunity to cast those faithful jeans aside, and to prepare to dress in true sartorial style!
A groom in his wedding attire

The trend is to have a theme that is shared between the bride, groom and attendants. Thankfully, this does not stretch to matching outfits!

Joking apart, a simple shared colour theme in your button hole and your bride’s  bouquet, or perhaps a tone reflected in your traditional tie, scrunch tie, or cravat, is all that is required. It’s a good idea to take a swatch of bridesmaids’ dress material to your chosen tailor, or suit hire company.

Comfort should go hand in hand with style. Remember, you will be spending your whole day in your groom’s getup, so make sure you (a) feel mentally at ease with what you are wearing, and (b) you are physically comfortable.

Dressing up like Chris Eubank, complete with ivory topped cane, may be a turn-on for your bride; but ask yourself, ‘would I be happy playing the dandy for a day?’ Chances are, the answer is is ‘no’.

Like everything in marriage, your wedding outfit will probably include a stitch of compromise. Naturally, your bride gets to wear what she wants – but that is only right and proper. Rest assured, she will have put hours, and possibly even months, deciding on how to wow you in the best possible taste. She will not disappoint ...

You, however, might be hell bent on a simple tie; whereas she may prefer it if you were to opt for a scrunchie version of said neckwear. Basically, discuss this between you, until you are both happy.

Also bear in mind the fact that your best man and ushers will have to wear the same getup as you. Consequently, it might be an idea to ask them if they have any particular likes or dislikes. That said, it is your day, and you have the final say.

The most expensive solution is to have your wedding party outfits made to measure. Bespoke outfits will look amazing; but you do not have to break the bank if you would rather spend your money elsewhere.

Hiring is the Next Best Thing to going bespoke. However, if you wish to go down this route, then ensure you allow enough time to place your order.

When going for fittings, wear black socks and, preferably, the shoes you plan to wear for the wedding. This way, the tailor or suit hire staff will be able to do their job to the best of their ability. If you are unsure of the style of shoe to wear, incidentally, both will be happy to advise. Lace-free styles offer a smooth line, though.

Traditional formal wear (for example, a morning suit), is a smart choice, in that it never goes out of fashion. Generally, in black or shades of grey, morning suits can be hired in other colours, too, such as navy blue or bottle green.

Waistcoats can be understated, or provide a patterned contrast.

Finally, a word about button holes. Do make sure yours are user-friendly (i.e. easy to secure and guaranteed to remain in place). A flacid buttonhole will demand photographic attention for all the wrong reasons!

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