De-Stress Mode - Our Guide To Calming Pre-Wedding Nerves

Okay, so you’ve had it up to your tiara. Your dream wedding is spiralling into the kind of nightmarish plot Edgar Allen Poe would kill for. That Vegas quickie or Gretna Green getaway is growing more attractive by the second. And – shock, horror! You have even had the odd fantasy about calling the whole thing off!
Bride looking out of a window on the morning of her wedding
Girl, it’s time to chill. Do believe, pre-nup nerves hit us all at some time or another. After all, weddings are up there with moving house, bereavement, and the ‘d’ word (we won’t even go there!).

Simply extend that soon-to-be-manicured mit towards the blower and book yourself into a Spa Experience. Any form of therapy is better than none. The idea is to help you to unwind and feel human again.

So what’s on the spa menu? Get this:

A sensual aromatherapy massage is a pre-marital must. So put a note in your wedding planner for this treatment as soon as you begin to feel as if you are growing horns. As well as cleansing the mind of tension, an aromatherapy massage eases both physical as well as mental conditions. After around 50 minutes of sheer bliss, your face and body will feel baby soft, yet beautifully toned. An aromatherapy massage is also guaranteed to get you into ‘serene bride’ mode if you indulge the day before the big day.

Suffering from headaches? Then an Indian head massage will soon have you feeling yourself.  Contrary to its nomenclature, an Indian head massage  involves not just the head, but the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, too. It is designed to ease away muscle tension and stress, with miraculous results.

What’s more, this Eastern therapy promises to improve the condition of your scalp, and consequently, your hair. So you get the double whammy of having that glossy wedding day mane you craved.

Indian head massages also clears the mind of unwanted excess baggage, rather like colonic irrigation (shudder!) clears the bowel. Ahem ... enough said on that matter.

Fancy a spot of hands-on healing? (And no, we’re not referring to the Honeymoon). Then Reiki is for you. When the Reiki practitioner channels her life energy through her hands, it activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. So if you have been feeling under the weather and can’t pinpoint why, a Reiki session might quite literally give you the helping hand you need.

Also designed to find the root of an illness in the body, Reflexology works on ‘reflex’ areas found in your feet. Reflexology does this by finding imbalances within the body, and rectifying them.

Nothing really beats the feeling of a full body massage by someone who is suitably qualified in the art. In the nicest possible way, you will be able to feel the stress being steamrollered away as you yield to the masseur’s touch.

If your chosen spa is worth its sea salt, then chances are your massage will take place in a candlelit room to the accompaniment of soft music. Afterwards, you will be left in complete peace to allow your body and mind to savour the feeling of complete relaxation.

Yet, there is but one more treatment that will render you so relaxed you might not believe just how relaxed you can become. Welcome to the world of the Floatation Tank.

Floating is the method of attaining the deepest rest that humankind has ever experienced. Expect to lie quietly in the dark, suspended in a solution of Epsom salts about ten inches deep.

Floatation Therapy creates harmony and homeostasis in the body. It creates balance between the left and right parts of the brain, and balances the body’s skeletal and muscular systems, mind, body and spirit.

Spa treatments make great gifts, too. Your mum is probably feeling the pressure right now. So why not pack your sports bags and do the spa thing together?

If you are feeling mega generous, you could treat the female members of your wedding to a day of unwinding in style. That way, everyone will be feeling on top of the world for your special day.

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