Celebrating Anniversaries

Romantic men are like hen’s teeth. This is not a criticism; it’s just that men tend to think about other things once they have captured a woman’s heart. Because romance does not tend to come naturally (apologies to the few males of the species who consider themselves fully fledged knights in armour), here are a few ideas on how to make your next wedding anniversary your most romantic yet.

A couple celebrating their wedding anniversary

First, remember the anniversary! Cynical it may sound, but it has been scientifically proven that many men do forget. Not out of nastiness, but out of pure forgetfulness.

Our frantic lifestyles mean extra effort has to go into remembering the modern wedding anniversary. Of course, when you hit the quarter of a century mark, everyone turns up with Silver Wedding Gifts. The same can be said for the landmark celebrations of ruby, golden and diamond annivesaries.

Joking aside, it pays to highlight your wedding anniversary as soon as you get your mits on your New Year’s Calendar.

Let’s take it the date of your anniversary is inscribed on your heart. The next question is, how do I celebrate in style?

Buying your wife a lovely present guarantees hundreds of points. Find out what particular anniversary you are celebrating – there are materials for each and every year. You can find such classified information on the Internet.

You might want to take time out to re-connect with your partner by reliving your wedding day, surrounded by photographs and your wedding guest book. If getting away from it all in a Welsh cottage sounds right up your street, prepare to pack, and do it!

Equally romantic is a spa break for two.  That way, you can both don his and hers dressing gowns, and relax and unwind in each other’s company, free from the stresses of everday life. Enjoy a massage together, a swim, a candle-lit dinner for two, or just sit and watch the world go by, over a glass of champagne.

Indeed, champagne is the drink for lovers. It’s special, just like your partner. It’s expensive, which elevates it above the ordinary and into the realms of the extraordinary. It sparkles, just like your love for each other. And it goes well with any meal – especially breakfast! Easy, tiger.

Perhaps, on the other hand, the idea of a relaxing weekend is a big turn off for you and your spouse! If you are the original Action Man and Woman, then there are hundreds of options to go wild in the country.

If you have a hobby you both share, then you’re sorted. Feel free to indulge in your chosen pursuit, so long as it’s legal!

Lovers of extreme sports will relish a rafting discovery, tandem skydive or coasteering weekend away.

If you both prefer a more sedate lifestyle, then a balloon flight on a clear day is a serene experience you will both cherish forever. Don’t forget your camera.

Culture vultures might like to consider a theatre break, with dinner on the Thames the following day (if London is your choice, obviously).

If you are strapped for cash, there are still ways you can celebrate your anniversary, in credit crunch friendly style. Buying your loved one a personalised gift is an affordable yet extremely effective way of wooing your beloved.

Hopefully, this has triggered some winning ideas of your own. Whatever you decide, your partner will love you for it – because anniversaries are always special in her heart.

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