18th Birthday - The Pinnacle Of Teenage Years

An 18th Birthday is a landmark celebration within any family. When your little cherub has reached the big ‘one eight’, he or she can indulge in a tipple at the local, vote for the next government, and drive a car – all perfectly legally!

Two 18 year old girls enjoying the sunshine

Consequently, being 18 is cause for Celebration with a capital ‘C’. It’s the perfect excuse to throw a party and welcome adulthood into your 18 year-old’s life.

Whether ‘adulthood’ to them means flying the nest, or at least leaving home temporarily to study at university, it's up to your prince or princess’s individual ambitions.

Leaving home may be exciting for your fledging offspring, but can prove the mother of all parental wrenches. Suddenly, buying a dog seems a really good idea. No matter how annoying your teenager has been in the years circa 13 to 18 (and you thought it all stopped at the ‘terrible twos’ stage!), you cannot help but feel at a loss, once they announce they are leaving home for pastures new. If you are a parent in this position, then perhaps you are in need of a birthday present of your own!

Buying for 18 year-olds is easy if you are a close family member, as you will not baulk at splashing the cash for such a good cause. Lasting keepsakes such as pewter tankards for young men (with the facial hair to prove it), is practially tradition in this country.

Alternatively, a cool Photo Album in which to display all their adventures forever, will make a super 18th gift for boys and girls – or should that be men and women – alike.

There are are also modern gift that your 18 year-old recipient will equally adore. A glamorous Champagne Flute will fit the bill nicely. Personalise it for VIP appeal, and you will really get their vote.

Any gift featuring the gift of the door – traditionally for 21st birthdays, yet just as appropriate for the 18th landmark  will hammer the message home that your recipient has officially made it to adulthood (woohoo!).

And if your 18 year-old giftee is planning on taking a gap year to travel the world, then the range of gifts open to you, is positively endless. A personalised Hip Flask makes the perfect travel companion.

There are millions of ideas out there to make your would-be traveller’s life easier and more comfortable. From rucksacks to bum-bags, compasses to swiss army knives, the choice is yours.

When your little adventurer returns to the family base, then you can select their favourite photo of their travels and pop it in the sparkly 18 Years photo frame you bought them for their unforgetable 18th birthday.

Guaranteed, in a heartbeat, she or he will be uttering those immortal words: “It’s great to be home, Mum!”

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