Weddings and Superstitious Activities

Weddings are surrounded with superstitions that have been handed down through the centuries. Wedding traditions - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Designed to bring good luck and fertility to the bride and groom, superstitions are now as much a part of a wedding as the actual bride and groom.

Probably the most well-known of superstitions stem from the Victorian rhyme, ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’ The rhyme is based on the transition of life before and after marriage.

‘Something old’ represents the link with the bride’s family and her past. Wearing a piece of antique jewellery, or her mother or grandmother’s wedding gown is thought to bring long-lasting friendship.

‘Something new’ symbolises good fortune, health, happiness and success in the bride’s new life. There are wonderful gifts for brides available on the market today.  See below for inspiration.

Borrowing a gift, such as a piec e of jewellery or a lace handkerchief from a relative – ‘something borrowed’ – is a token of the bride’s family’s love and loyalty towards her. Remember, in the true spirit of borrowing, the gift must be returned in order to bring good luck.

‘Something blue’ is usually the garter worn by the bride for faithfulness and loyalty. Buying the bride a romantic lace Garter in a Keepsake Box makes a thoughtful gift that will endure well  beyond her big day.

Alternatively, buying the bride-to-be a nen night garter and Whistle in their own keepsake box makes for a fun gift for her pre-nup celebration night on the town!

The modern day bride throws her bouquet into the throng of single female guests, the idea being the one who catches said floral arrangement will be the next to marry. Traditionally, however, the garter was forceably removed from the bride by the male guests – after which the victor would present it to the girl of his choice.

‘A silver sixpence in her shoe’ is thought to bring the bride luck and wealth in her married life. Traditionally the bride’s father places the sixpence in her left shoe.  A real, Lucky Sixpence in a Keepsake Box is a must-have gift that will pay dividends throughout the marriage!

Also considered extremely lucky is the traditional wedding gift of a horseshoe. Buying the newlyweds a just married horseshoe set will set them happily on their way along their marriage path together.

Following the honeymoon, the groom is expected to carry his bride across the threshold. This act symbolises the bride’s  surrendering of her virginity to her husband. It also carries a practical meaning – that of preventing her from falling as she enters her new home. Sweet.

Commemorate this special moment with a handmade Lladro Style Bride and Groom Gifts. This porcelain figurine of a just-married couple, designed  in England by Annie Rowe, is infinitely collectable. The perfect gift for the bride and groom, it will remain a permanent and gorgeous reminder of their wedding day throughout their lives.

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