Savour The Wedding Day

So that long-awaited wedding invitation has finally hit the mat. Now it’s time for us to pop the question, What are You to Buy the Happy Couple?

Personalised Wedding Memory Box

For that truly unique wedding gift, go for the personal touch. Personalised gifts really have the X-factor. They go the extra mile and last the test of time. So what’s out there? Here is some inspiration to write home about.

Ask any wedding couple about their wedding day, after the event, and chances are they will say ‘it went in a flash’.

Help the to-be-marrieds savour their wedding day long after the confetti has faded with a Personalised Wedding Memory Box. Do believe, this gem will prove its weight in gold. Why? Because it will give your couple the chance to indulge in a truly personal gift made for capturing special memories of the big day. Place cards, menus, to telegrams and thank you cards can all be kept in this one place.

Another thoughtful gift comes in the shape of a Personalised Wedding Guest Book. This suitably tasteful item will keep those special messages safe and sound throughout your couple’s lives.

Perfect for a rainy day, snuggled up together on the marital sofa, this gift will give them a warm glow as they retrace their steps on their big day.

Also designed to capture time is a handpainted Personalised Signature Plates. Friends and family can sign it and convey their messages of congratulations on the big day. Loaded with sentiment, the plate can be hung in the marital pile.

The bridal pair will also enjoy giving a toast to the canny guests who offered them a bottle of Personalised Wedding Champagne. Specially selected Louis Dornier champagne, to be precise, complete with a doves and hearts design on said bottle, and engraved with a personal message to the betrothed on the reverse. Impressive stuff.

A pair of personalised Cut Crystal Champagne Flutes will ensure the champers goes down a treat. Pop in  a pewter bottle stopper in the shape of a married couple, and the just-marrieds will be able to keep a little bit back, forever. What a nice thought.

Cliche it may be, but time waits for no man. So one clever individual went away and invented the camera. Naturally, photographs are a huge part of any wedding. In fact, generations down the line, the ancestors will be scrutinising the images through a magnifying glass, attempting to decipher who was who in the family tree.

A Personalised Wedding Picture Frame will capture the moment in time when your couple decided to share their lives together.  Photo frames may be aplenty, but go the personal ised route and yours’ will prove odds on favourite.

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