Premier Gifts For Their 1st Holy Communion

A child, or indeed, adult’s First Communion, taken after their Confirmation, is a profound act which will be repeated each and every time they attend a Holy Communion Church Service.
A girl holding a bible and rosery for her Holy Communion
The Holy Communion is a Christian rite which commemorates the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples. According to Christian scriptures, on the night before his death, Jesus consecrated bread and wine before giving it to his disciples, saying: ‘this is my body’ and ‘this is my blood.’

Jesus commanded his followers to ‘do this in remembrance of me’, and Holy Communion, or Eucharist, traditionally involves the consecration of bread and wine by the clergy, and their consumption by themselves and worshipers.

Receiving the symbolic flesh of Jesus, and drinking his blood, means we believe in him and follow God’s way. Words of God’s blessing may also be added to personalised 1st Holy Communion Gifts.

After a child is confirmed by the Bishop, he or she takes their 1st Holy Communion. Once confirmed, children may go up to the altar and take Holy Communion alongside adults.

1st Holy Communion Gifts are a lovely way to celebrate and commemorate this special occasion. In the same vein as confirmation gifts, 1st Holy Communion Presents revolve around their religious theme.

When buying a gift for a child you know who is about to take his or her 1st Holy Communion, you might like to consider something personal, which will reflect the seriousness of the occasion.

Personalised 1st Holy Communication Gifts might include a silver cross in a box which has been engraved with the name of the girl or boy confirmed, along with the date and the church in which their 1st Holy Communion took place.

Another essential traditional gift is a personalised white leather-bound bible. This treasured object will serve the child throughout his or her life, in good times and bad. In fact, many children pass their bible on to children of their own.

The 1st Holy Communion Church Candle makes another fitting present. Embellished appropriately, and often beautifully wrapped in transparent cellophane, this item carries even more meaning if personalised.

Photograph frames made especially for this momentous occasion also make excellent gifts. What’s more, you can even select a dedicated photo album, in which to display treasured images of your son or daughter, grandson or grand-daughter.

1st Communion Signature Plates give the whole family an opportunity to write their blessings in one place. This cherished keepsake can be baked in the oven to seal the words for eternity.

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