What To Buy The Happy Couple

I’m getting married in the morning! Ding dong! The bells are gonna Chime. Pull out the stopper! Let’s have a whopper! But get me to the church on time!

The classic song, composed by Frederick Loewe and written by Alan Jay, is a wedding day anthem that is very much alive today. From the musical, ‘My Fair Lady’, it sums up the joy of getting married, tinged with the anxiety of getting there on time.

If you are getting married, have you thought about how you are going to get to the church or wedding venue on time? Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Perhaps you are going for the mother of all wedding dos, in which case, only a Rolls Royce Silvre Shadow will fit the bill. Or maybe you are in love with the romance of the vintage car, in which case an antique Austin or classic Bentley might prove more up your street.

Alternatively, a  slimline white Mercedes always looks the bees knees. While a stretch limo might be going a bit OTT, if you are planning an army of bridesmaids, this might prove the only stylish solution available. Whether it is pink or not, is your call!

Do believe, one bride actually chose to get to the church on time in – wait for it – a skip! Ummm, that’s what we thought. But, you know what they say: it is the bride’s day, and what she wants, she gets!

Perhaps you are choosing to pass four wheeled modes of transport by,  for the four legged variety. Yes, we are talking horses and carriages. After all, they do say ‘love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage’.
Decked in all their finery, horses can look amazing. But remember, they do have minds of their own! Check insurance arrangements on the part of the company, and that the horses are used to the levels of traffic likely to be encountered on your route.

It might be a nice idea to hire a horse and carriage to take the two of you from the ceremony to the reception. That way, you will both have time to enjoy the experience, to reflect on the service itself, and to catch your breath before the next chapter of your wedding day begins in earnest.

If you are worried about rain, bear in mind that carriages more often than not have suitable covers to protect you and your spouse from the elements.

Distance from A to B is certainly a consideration, when travelling with rather less horse power than we are used to nowadays. Naturally, a carriage will be slower than a car, and you need to establish whether a horse and carriage is practical. The last thing you want is for your guests to arrive at the reception days before you make your dramatic entrance.

Whatever you decide, before making that booking, view the transport in person. Check availability, and agree in writing when the transport will be used, the time of arrival, the collection address, and that the transport company knows your destination and how to get there.

Also ask the cost, what it includes, and whether there are any hidden extras. Consider the hire of the car, the chauffeur, the travel costs, the cost of decorating the car (some have floral displays in the rear window, for instance), and VAT.

Insurance and break down provisions must also be discussed and agreed between you and your chosen transport company.

Finally, have a friend or family member to hand as substitute, should  the very unlikely event of everything going pear-shaped happen on the big day.

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