Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Santa’s on his way kids!! Children will be counting down the days until Santa arrives to deliver all of his wonderful Christmas Gifts to all of the good boys and girls across the world! We at The Gift Experience are working away like little elves getting all of the gifts ready for Santa to deliver!

Little girl in a Santa hat holding a gift by the Christmas Tree

With the countdown to Christmas Eve well on its way children will be getting excited for their special visit from Santa and his reindeers. It is traditional for children to leave Santa a mince pie and a small swig of brandy to warm him up when he arrives and not forgetting a carrot for Rudolph and all his pals!

Christmas Stockings will get hung up on the fireplace or on the bedpost ready to be filled with lots of Christmas Gifts that just can’t wait to be opened! Our fabulous Embroidered Christmas Stocking is sure to bring a big smile to a child’s face and they will be thrilled to see their name on this traditional looking and very festive stocking!

Your child’s name is embroidered beautifully onto the top of the stocking and makes a great Personalised Christmas Gift and keepsake for many years to come. The great thing about this fabulous Christmas stocking is that it comes complete with a letter to Santa which is kept inside a cute little pouch at the front of the stocking! The children will be thrilled to give their very own letter to Santa.

Find the most special and unique Christmas Gifts from The Gift Experience.

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