Can you only buy a cotton gift for the second wedding anniversary?

After two years of being married some couples may still be in their blissful honeymoon period, whilst others might not be, but either way, there will definitely be cause to celebrate on their second wedding anniversary. The second anniversary is traditionally the cotton anniversary but if you're confused as to what this entails we'll be happy to clear things up for you...

A couple celebrating their second wedding anniversary

Why cotton for the second anniversary?

Cotton is an interwoven material that reflects how marriage brings a couple closer together. This material is also flexible but strong and symbolizes that, after two years of marriage, the couple have adapted to each other and become stronger for it.

Cotton is traditionally associated with the second anniversary but the materials, that people celebrate wedding anniversaries with, have evolved over the years. This evolution of gift-giving has produced two main, but very different, lists for anniversaries – traditional and modern.

While the traditional second anniversary gift in most countries is cotton, the modern list suggests that after one year of marriage the couple could also be given china to represent the the fact that new love is both beautiful but easily broken if not treated carefully.

To make anniversary gift-giving even more intricate some, but not all, anniversaries also have flowers that are associated with them and symbolise different things. For the second anniversary it is common to give a bouquet cosmos to the couple as the meaning of this flower is 'love flower'.

Personalised Embroidered White Tea Towel

Does a cotton anniversary mean the gifts have to be made of cotton?

It a nutshell, no.

To elaborate, the tradition of actually giving gifts to the couple on their wedding anniversary originated from medieval Germany. However, in modern times the material of the gift, such as cotton for the second anniversary, is something the couple mainly focuses on when they are giving gifts to each other.

It's usual for the couple to give gifts made of cotton, or relating to cotton – like cushions or towels embroidered with the date of their anniversary – to each other. Friends and family members can also follow this tradition if they wish to, but it has become more well-known for these people to give thoughtful or sentimental gifts to the couple, rather than something made out of cotton.

Personalised Anniversary Cushion

Other types of second anniversary gifts

In the last 5-10 years personalisation has become an increasingly popular trend for gifts that mark an important occasion. Don't get us wrong, every occasion can be special, but engagements, weddings and anniversaries are often cherished as special memories. A second wedding anniversary fits firmly into this category.

The reason that personalisation has become such a huge trend is that gifts which hold special dates or messages from an important celebration help to bring back the memories of these events. If you're looking for a special gift to help a couple celebrate their second anniversary then something personalised is a great option and there are hundreds of choices out there.

If you want your gift from their second anniversary to still be appreciated at their fiftieth then a sure-fire way of achieving this is to buy them something that is unique to them and immortalises this celebration.

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