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Christening Signature Plates

Would you like to create a memory of your baby’s special day? At The Gift Experience, you’ll find hand painted christening signature plates that can be personalized by guests at a christening. If your child is being christened, you can buy a signature plate to have on hand for your guests.


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Christening & Naming Day Signature Plates

Our Christening and Naming Day Signature Plates are a great alternative to traditional Christening Day guest books, and make fantastic gifts for Christening Days and Naming Days! Here at The Gift Experience, we have collated our favourite signature plates in one easy-to-browse selection! Our plates come in a wide range of shapes, colours and designs, and some can even be uniquely personalised to create a unique place for guests to offer their well-wishes that you can treasure forever. Whether you're buying as an accessory for your own child's Christening Day or procuring as a gift that's sure to be well received, you'll find the perfect signature plate here. 

What is a Naming Day?

While most people are familiar with the concept of Christening Day celebrations, Naming Days have become popular more recently, gaining credence throughout the world in a variety of cultures. A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious alternative to the traditional Christening Day, during which a child is introduced to his or her wider family and friends and their name is officially assigned to them in front of witnesses. Parents typically make declarations, promises and commitments to their children, and guardians may be elected to take on a role that is similar to a godparent, but which is void of religious responsibility. Guardians will often promise to love and guide the child alongside his or her parents and readings may be read from story books as opposed to religious books.

Whatever occasion is being celebrated, creating mementos of the day is key to ensuring it is remembered and cherished. Asking guests to sign books is a traditional and customary part of most celebrations, but the messages are contained solely within the book, and can only be viewed by opening the book and reading each individual page and messages. With signature plates, however, all of the guests' well-wishes are written on the front of the plate, which can be displayed proudly in the home as a special memento of the Christening or Naming Day. 

Our Naming Day Signature Plate - Blue is hand-painted in silver relief and charmingly decorated with a cute baby feet motif. Eye-catchingly crafted in a square-style shape, the plate is beautifully decorated in script-style writing with the words 'Naming Day' and coated with a special material that allows your guests to write their messages directly onto the plate with the special pen provided. Once signed, the plate should be allowed to dry for 24 hours, and then baked in the oven, wherein the messages will set and the plate will become a perfect array of well-wishes. Our Naming Day Signature Plate - Pink features the same design, but in a pretty pink colour that's perfect for a special little lady on her Naming Day. Alternatively, our Naming Day Signature Plate is perfect for babies of any gender! Gorgeously decorated with a cute ribbon and bootie design, this plate is oval shaped, and embossed with the words 'Naming Day'. Like our other plates, this plate can be uniquely signed by the guests with the pen provided and then baked to create a unique masterpiece. 

Other Signature Plates

Our Personalised Christening Photo Plate is a perfect keepsake present. Beautifully embellished with the name of the child and a special message from the giver, the middle of this traditionally styled plate features a charming photo of the little one. Simply upload your photo and your personalisation and we'll do the rest! Our God Parent plate is another of our Christening themed plates, and the perfect present for a godmother or godfather. Illustrated with a traditional cross design that features a centrally placed black love-heart, the plate is embossed with the words 'To my Godparents' and personalised with the godparents' names and the name of the child.