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Soft Toys - Teddy Bears

A wide range of personalised Soft Toys Teddy Bears

Everyone loves a teddy bear, and our teddy bears are perfectly huggable and super cute. Whether you’re buying for someone who’s five or ninety-five, you can be sure that they’ll fall in love with our scrumptiously soft teddy bears. 


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Teddy Bear Gifts

Did you know, teddy bears are named after former U.S President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt? A political cartoon in which President Roosevelt was shown being kind to a bear cub inspired a toy maker to create a children’s toy called ‘Teddy’s Bear’. The toy was a plush bear cub and it became an immediate success, with the teddy bear still being one of the most popular children’s toys. 

Personalised Teddy Bears

Our Personalised Teddy Bears are super snuggly, soft, golden teddy bears that come uniquely dressed in individually designed white t-shirts customised with personalised messages. Our Personalised Teddy Message Bear is a versatile teddy bear that’s perfect for any and every occasion. This gorgeous guy’s plain white t-shirt can be uniquely customised by our team with any message you might want to share. Our Personalised Love Heart Teddy Bear can be personalised for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just to show someone that you care. This snuggable little one’s shirt is decorated with pink hearts, amongst which can be placed someone’s name or a message. Our Personalised Photo Bear is another of our unique little cuddlies. Unlike our other bears, as well as being personalised with a printed message, this snuggly cub’s shirt can also be customised with a photograph of your choice. 

Teddy Bear Gifts By Person 

Also in our personalised teddy bear gifts collection are a variety of teddy bears that have been specially designed with certain individuals in mind. These gorgeous golden-brown bears each wear a white t-shirt that’s been embossed with a relative’s name. Options include mums, dads, brothers, sisters and girlfriends amongst others, and each one can be given an additional personalised message. 

Cuddly Teddy Bears

Our realistically designed Barney the Large Brown-Bear is a beautiful cuddly brown bear who has been lovingly made by hand. Chocolate brown with honey-coloured eyes, this gorgeous little fellow is a wonderful present for people of all ages. Other bears in our cuddly teddy bears collection includes our Koala Bear which, despite not being an actual bear (koalas are actually more closely related to kangaroos and wombats on account of the pouch in its tummy that it uses to carry around its babies) is still a super-soft teddy bear that your little one will adore snuggling up with. Handmade out of soft grey faux fur, this stunning koala has a leatherette nose and claws and bright blue eyes. Our Cuddly Polar Bear is another lovely little soft-toy in our teddy bear gifts collection. Stunningly crafted by hand out of snow-white soft fur, this snuggly cuddly is perfect for little ones. Of course, if you’re looking for a teddy bear to cuddle, you’ll be hard pressed to find any teddy more huggable than our Giant Super-Soft Honey Bear. This gorgeous hand-made bear has golden fur, big brown eyes and a smiley face, and wears a charming claret-coloured satin sash. He’s also 75 centimetres tall, making him the perfect cuddle buddy for any child.