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Greeting Cards

What size are your cards?

When folded, our cards are A5 size (210 x 150mm).

What paper do you use?

All our cards are printed on paper manufactured from trees grown in sustainable forests.

How do I personalise a card?

With our simple step by step process it is easier than ever to personalise and create the card you want. Our card editor guides you through the front, inside and back pages of the card.

Clicking the Green ‘Edit Card’ button will allow you to add your own personal message and names etc.

Clicking the Blue Camera icon will allow you to upload any image saved on your device.


Why am I having difficulty with a Photo Upload card?

There are a few reasons your photo may not be uploading, please check the following things:

1.  Is your photo a high resolution image? For best printed results, we recommend all images be 300dpi and no less than 1000 Pixels in height or width. Most digital cameras will take photo’s easily large enough, however images saved from 3rd party websites can be too small or an incompatible file format.

2.  Is your photo a .jpg file format? If not then we recommend you open it in the standard picture viewing software on your computer (PC users choose ‘Windows Picture & Fax Viewer’, Mac users choose ‘Preview’) and Save it again in the correct format.

3. Is your photo currently stored on your computer? If you are uploading your image to the website from a Flash Drive, a Dongle, a Digital Camera or any other external devises this could cause problems. To avoid any issues, please save any images onto your computer first then upload from that location to your card.

4. If you continue to experience difficulties please Contact Us and we will be happy to help


Will my Card & Gift be sent together?

Your card will be packaged with your order. On occasion, some items may be sent separately.