What gift can you give your daughter on her wedding day?

While it is traditional (although not obligatory) for the mother and father of the bride to receive a thank you gift from the newlyweds on the big day, a little memento from the bride’s parents to their daughter is also becoming more popular.

Your daughter’s wedding day is a hectic but beautiful occasion and many parents want to give the bride something special to remind her just how much she is loved.

If you decide to give your daughter a gift on her wedding day something personal that can be treasured as a keepsake is one of the best things you can give.

This special gift can be anything that you think she will love and we have some great suggestions about when the ideal time will be to give your little girl her present.

While she is getting ready for the wedding

If you would like to give your daughter a present at the very start of her big day then a practical idea is to ask her for five minutes while she is getting ready.

You can take her to the side, away from all the hairdressers, make-up artists, bridesmaids and flower girls and give her the opportunity to take a deep breath – getting ready can be one of the most stressful parts of a bride's wedding day, so even if she is reluctant at first, taking her away from the main action might help her relax for a moment or two.

This moment of calm will also be the perfect time for you to present her with a gift that may be a little large for easy transportation or that she wouldn’t want to take down the aisle.

A moment like this is the perfect time to give your daughter something like our Antique Jewellery Box, which can be personalised with any message, as it is the type of gift that she will not use at the wedding.

However, doing it at this point in the day will still enable you to give your daughter something thoughtful and meaningful on her big day and remind her that you love her.

In the car on the way to the wedding

If you are riding with the bride to the wedding then this could be another moment where she is nervous or jittery about the ceremony.

Giving her your present at this point can be a great way to distract your daughter and to display that while she is thinking about every possible outcome of the day, you are thinking about her.

However, if you are giving her a present in the car, make sure that this gift is something that she can wear, like our pearl bracelet or it is something that will easily fit inside your pocket or a handbag – if you have one.

The last thing that the bride will want is to pass off the gift to someone else before she walks down the aisle. The idea of giving your daughter the gift at this point in the day is to give her a break from her nerves and to provide the pair of you with a special moment when no one else is around.

Just before the wedding photos

Personalised silver plated rosesAfter the ceremony has taken place, and the newlyweds are waiting to take their wedding photos, is another great time to present your daughter with a gift.

Although she has just committed to be with the person she loves for the rest of her life, this timing will show her that while you may love her partner like another child, you will always love her on her own.

A thoughtful gift you can give her at this point is something, like our silver plated rose, that can be included in the wedding photos.

Obviously the bride will already have her bouquet, but these flowers will fade, so a gift like our silver rose is a lovely memento you can give her on the day. Also it is pretty enough to feature in some of the photos you take of you and your daughter at her wedding.

During the evening party

You know your daughter best. If you think that trying to give her a present during the day will only make her more fractious then it’s probably best to give her a gift during the part of the day when she can let her hair down.

Depending on your relationship with your daughter, you could go for a fun present that she will really appreciate after being on her feet all day, like our Just Married flip flops, or you could go for something a little more poignant like our Personalised Mr and Mrs Mugs.

Whatever you chose, try to take her to the side and let her know how important she is to you. It will have been a very emotional day for both of you so taking a moment of brief calm can only be a good thing.

Whenever you give your daughter her gift, try to make sure that you make it about the special relationship you have. Getting married is a big step and it will be reassuring to know her parents support her and are there for her.

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