8 Ways To Celebrate New Year - Start 2021 With A Bang!

How to celebrate the New Year at home

If you’re looking for some ideas to say farewell to the last year, and celebrate the New Year in style, despite New Years Eve 2020 being very different, we are still sure you can do it!


We’ve looked back over the last year, (actually, over the last few thousand years) for some inspiration to welcome in 2021. Here are some fun original ideas with a little tradition woven in along the way!
Are there some new ones for you to try? Do you already have a plan? Room to squeeze in a bit more fun?

1. Gifting Good Luck
In Scotland it is considered good luck to welcome in a guest who gives you a piece of coal (as a sign as wealth), ideally from a dark-haired man. This is said to bring good luck for the next year. So coal being carbon, and carbon being the main substance or diamonds, a clever twist on this tradition, would be a gift with a diamond - or diamante - and surely your good luck has already started!

2. Symbolism of Rings
A common theme for New Year Gifts centres around the cyclic manner of the year turning from the ending of one year, into the beginning of the new and this is often symbolised by a ring. We also talk of ‘ringing in the New Year’ - referring to church bells ringing out for January 1st. Whether it’s bells and whistles, church bells or popping corks - remember to make a noise as we welcome in 2021!

3. Quiz Night 
Online or in person - great fun as long as no-one cheats! Pass a few hours with a good choice of games and quizzes, you just need someone to be quiz master. 
Jot your answers down, and at the end, take a snapshot to send to the quiz master. You might learn something new - but if not who cares - it’s sure to be fun!


4. Champagne
The modern tradition to celebrate in style is bubbles and fizz - and that needn’t stop just because the parties have! Popping the cork on a bottle of champagne as the clock strikes midnight was, in the 19th century, a tradition reserved for the privileged, but has become accessible to many, and marks a truly special moment between friends. Pop and share in person, or have unison of popping corks Zooming across the country!

5. How Many Grapes in a Glass of Wine?
A little tenuous - but in Spain, eating 12 grapes at each strike of midnight is said to keep away bad luck and welcome in good. We’re thinking there’s got be 12 grapes worth in a glass of wine, right? So we think this link is a good enough reason to ensure everyone has a good bottle of wine, or a special New Years glass to drink some!

6. Make Your Own Cocktail
NYE is all about the Glitz and Glam - connect across the miles, and learn to mix a cocktail or two with friends. Share your favourite, and maybe try something new. Here’s a reliable cheats version! But you can go to town on this if you’re feeling brave! 

Tune in to watch the Times Square Ball drop to add some atmosphere and to add some extra sparkle!

7. A few extra tips and tricks:

  • Prepare a play list beforehand that keep the spirit up and the family dancing
  • Give the night a theme - and make sure everyone dresses to impress!
  • Delicious Drinks and Nibbles - have a go at making your own or have the freezer stocked!
  • Organise a gifts countdown - give everyone a designated hour for opening theirs

8. And Finally - Making Resolutions for the year ahead
Apparently it was the Mesopotamians who started the tradition of resolutions - promising the gods they would live better so that they would be looked on with favour. Maybe we should all give it a go this year!?


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