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Harvey's Bored Games - Pocket Bowling

Harvey's Bored Games - Pocket Bowling product image

Harvey's Bored Games - Pocket Bowling

Product Details
Are you and your mates bored at work? Or just need a five minute break to focus your minds? Try miniature Pocket Bowling from Harvey's Bored Games.

Pocket bowling includes:
- 1 x mini alley
- 10 x mini pins
- 1 x mini ball
- 1 x direction ramp

The perfect way to pass the time when you just can't cope with another spreadsheet! Pocket bowling comes in an easy fold box, for easy and rapid deployment of shenanigans.

Sometimes we all need a little break to keep us sane. That's where Harvey's Bored Games come in. These outrageously fun table top games are the perfect gift for anyone who is prone to going a little stir crazy at work. Harvey's has everything from classics like checkers and chess to novelties like mini basketball, golf and bowling.

The HARVEY MAKIN® brand offers a broad collection of high quality gentlemen’s giftware that is classic, modern and stylish.