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Bronze Finish Mantel Clock - 2 Cats

Bronze Finish Mantel Clock - 2 Cats product image

Bronze Finish Mantel Clock - 2 Cats

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A bronze effect mantel clock with 2 cats.

Embellished with two bronze effect cats and a rose on top of the clockface, this will make for a gorgeous addition to a mantelpiece.

The mantel clock has incredible detail that will ensure it will be a beautiful focal point in any room.

The clockface has an antique style with a roman numeral dial and antique style clockhands.

Championing our favourite four-legged friends, Best of Breed salutes the dogs, horses and cats of our lives as well as the rest of our pets that steal our hearts. The Best of Breed brand taps into the demand for fashionable and well made giftware for animal lovers of all kinds.

Acquired by Widdop in 2005, Naturecraft has always been infamous for its incredible representations of wildlife applied to handmade, beautifully finished sculptures, gifts and keepsakes.