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Ordering Your Personalised Item

We have tried to make ordering your personalised item as easy as possible. We have also added functionality which enables you to check and change your details.

Ordering a Single Item

When you have decided which item you want, Click the “Personalise and Add to Basket Button”. This will provide you with a pop up window foe you to enter your personalised details. When complete click the Add to Basket button. This will add your product to the basket and you will remain on your product page and you can continue shopping. If you have ordered what you want go to the Shpping Basket in the top right hand of the page and Select Edit Basket and Checkout. This will take you through to the Basket Page. In the Basket page against the product you have ordered against it you will see a link View Personalised Details, this gives you the chance to view and change if required. This can be done by clicking the link which will then show the personalised details which you can Edit. Click on the Edit Details link in the Personalised Details box. Here you can edit the details if you need to, then click the Update Button.

If you are happy with the details etc. then proceed with the purchase.

Ordering Multiple Items

You may wish to order multiple items. The procedure is the same as above if the products are all different.

But if you require multiple products of the same type, we have provided some functionality to make the task easy.

If for instance you wanted to purchase 4 God Parent Candles, this is the best way to do it. Initially follow the procedure above as if you were buying 1 item. When you are taken through to the basket, you will see the details as you have entered them. There is then an Add Another link next to the item, just click on this, you will then see another entry for the same item. Then click View Personalised Details against that item and enter your details, click Update, these details will now show in the basket. Repeat this until you have purchased the number of item you want. When finished proceed with the purchase.


Information about Jpegs

How To Upload Your Photos to Us....

Simply click the displayed "browse" button to view the files on your computer's hard drive, floppy drive or digital camera. Select the image file you wish to upload and click OK. If you have completed all your personalised details just click the "Add to Basket" button for the product you desire, and your photo will automatically be uploaded to our production servers and electronically attached to your order. Please note the following:

      We  only accept images with the following extensions: .jpg   . Other file types can be uploaded but we cannot guarantee that they will upload correctly.
         Files must be 2MB or smaller. The upload time will depend on the file size and your Internet connection speed. Please be patient when uploading a large image. 
         Please try to use the best-quality image possible. The recommended settings are 2000 pixels and 300 dpi . If your image is below the minimum resolution/size requirements, do not simply increase the size in your editing software. You must either rescan the image or use a higher-quality image. 
         When scanning in photographs, please use a resolution of 300 dpi or more. When taking digital images, set your camera at the highest possible resolution. You can always reduce the resolution later. Low-resolution images cannot be increased without loss of image quality. 

Your image will be reproduced as it appears. In some cases, we may crop the image for size, to fit the product you order. Close-ups and images with bright colours will produce the best results.

We work with the image that you provide in order to produce the best possible result. We reserve the right to edit and manipulate the image as we see fit. If the image is completely inappropriate we will contact you and ask you to provide a replacement.

(We reserve the right to refuse reproduction of submitted photos at our discretion should they be deemed inappropriate for language, content or material.)

Sending Details Later

We are aware that not everyone has the details to go with the products when they order them, especially images. If you want to send it later just place your order. When you get the order confirmation you can use the Order number to contact customer services and send in the image that you require.

If you do choose this option then you should send the required details to quoting your Order No.

If you have problems with ordering your Personalised Product, you can email or call us on 01691 624170, we are always here to help.

The Sales Team
The Gift Experience Ltd.

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