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Virgo Mug

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Virgo Mug

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A great mug to use everyday to put your favourite brew inside. This Star sign mug features the Virgo zodiac symbol which is for birthdays between August 24th and September 23rd.

Makes a great birthday gift for anyone and can be personalised with a special message on the reverse of the mug. Why not write your own horoscope as the message on the reverse of the mug.

Virgo THE VIRGIN is the sign of the critic, the technician. Virgo, you may be shy, introverted, and self-conscious on the surface, but when love comes your way, you relax and blossom! Virgos find it hard to express love, they have a thoughtful approach and always look before they leap.

The mug has a modern design and the colour scheme is a green.

Size: This 10oz White Standard Mug