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Sweet Heart Message On A Jigsaw

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Sweet Heart Message On A Jigsaw

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Product Details

Put the jigsaw together to reveal the secret hidden message. A wonderfully romantic way to pass on a special message or ask an important question.

The jigsaw features a picture of some candy hearts which have small messages on them such as: Kiss me, My cutie, ask me and many many more.

The jigsaw is sent to you broken up into 60 pieces so if they want to find out what's on it, they've got to put it together first. The jigsaw is presented in a white cardboard box.

So whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or maybe even to pop a certain question, this is a loving, personalised and romantic gift.

Size:60 piece Wooden Jigsaw (17. x 25 cm)

A3 Size: 96 piece Wooden Jigsaw

Customer Star Reviews (4)