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Grow A Sloth

Grow A Sloth product image
Grow A Sloth product image

Grow A Sloth

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Who doesn't love a Sloth, a cute mammal noted for their slowness of movement and for hanging upside down in trees for hours.

Well now you can Grow A Sloth by putting it in water and watching it grow up to six times its own size, don't rush it though, after all it is a Sloth.  It will start growing after two hours and will be full size in 72 hours.  When removed from the water it will shrink back to its original size so you will be able to grown your very own Sloth again and again.

Did you know that Sloths travel at a speed of 2 metres per minute and it takes them up to a month to digest a meal!

This Grow A Sloth makes a great novelty gift or stocking filler.

Features :

  • Grow your own Sloth again and again
  • Fully grown in 72 hours
  • Just add it to water
  • Suitable from age 3+
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