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Capricorn Mug

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Capricorn Mug

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A great mug to use everyday to put your favourite brew inside. This Star sign mug features the Capricorn zodiac symbol which is for birthdays between December 23rd and January 20th.

Makes a great birthday gift for anyone and can be personalised with a special message on the reverse of the mug. Why don't you write your own horoscope for the recipient to wish them a happy birthday.

Capricorn THE GOAT is the sign of the achiever. If Capricorns manage to conquer their natural reserve and shyness they can make terrific partners. Although they are cautious and introverted, they can be very faithful once in a relationship. They really need a partner who will support them emotionally, while giving them a much needed boost in confidence.

The mug has a modern design and the colour scheme is a dark brown.

Size: This 10oz White Standard Mug