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Aquarius Mug

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Aquarius Mug

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A great mug to use everyday to put your favourite brew inside. This Star sign mug features the Aquarius zodiac symbol which is for birthdays between January 21st and February 18th.

Makes a great birthday gift for anyone and can be personalised with a special message on the reverse of the mug. You could write your own horoscope as the message on the back of the mug.

Aquarius THE WATER BEARER is the sign of the thinker. Aquarians are extremely independent, they just will not be tied down for long. Their firm views and opinions can change to stubbornness if they are pushed into a corner. Nevertheless they are very faithful and supportive in the right relationship. Even though they may get thoroughly involved within a relationship aquarians need to preserve their privacy and independence.

The mug has a modern design and the colour scheme is a deep blue.

Size: This 10oz White Standard Mug