Remote Control Giant Monster Truck

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Remote Control Giant Monster Truck

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Experience the thrill of off-road excitement with our Remote Control Giant Monster Truck in an impressive 1:6 scale. What sets this monster truck apart is not just its massive size, but the added excitement of building it yourself. Self-assembly is required, and it's half the fun – a perfect project for kids, parents, uncles, aunts, or anyone who loves the world of remote control vehicles.

From the moment you see the box, you'll be captivated. This gift is a showstopper, the biggest one under the tree. It's a dream come true for kids and RC enthusiasts alike. The 1:6 scale means it's six times smaller than the real thing, and the attention to detail is simply remarkable. Have you ever seen a bigger, more awe-inspiring remote-controlled monster truck? This is a rare find that would normally cost substantially more, making it a true holiday gem.

The firm foam tires are a unique feature, offering a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional rubber or plastic tires. They ensure that your furniture remains unscathed and ankles stay protected during playtime. The thoughtfulness behind this design is sure to be appreciated by young and old alike.

Assembling this mighty machine is part of the fun. Dive into the joy of putting together your monster truck and watch it come to life under your hands. The package includes lithium batteries, a rechargeable battery pack, and a USB cable, making it convenient to power up and get ready to race.

About this product

  • Remote Control Giant Monster Truck in 1:6 scale
  • Self-assembly required, an exciting project for ages 8+
  • Massive gift box, a highlight under the tree
  • Unique firm foam tires for safe and eco-friendly play
  • Includes lithium batteries and 6.4V rechargeable battery pack
  • Approximately 2.5 hours USB charge time
  • Full function control for maneuverability
  • Oversized wheels for off-road adventure
  • Box size: 76x48x16cm
Product Reference: 75810
STANDARD DELIVERY Estimated delivery 2-3 days after order despatch £4.75
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