Remote Control Bugatti Divo

Remote Control Bugatti Divo product image
Remote Control Bugatti Divo product image
Remote Control Bugatti Divo product image

Remote Control Bugatti Divo

Product Details

Unleash the exhilarating power of the iconic Bugatti Divo in a meticulously detailed 1:24 scale remote control model. Designed for the ultimate driving experience, this RC car boasts a range of premium features that take your control and performance to the next level.

Equipped with 2.4G technology, you'll enjoy seamless and interference-free control over your Bugatti Divo. The included USB charging ensures convenient power management, allowing you to spend more time racing and less time waiting for batteries to charge. With a more powerful motor than other models in the Maisto Tech RC collection, this Bugatti Divo accelerates to impressive speeds, delivering a thrilling sense of speed and precision.

The level of detail on this remote control Bugatti Divo is truly outstanding, capturing the essence of the original car in a compact scale model. Every curve, contour, and emblem has been faithfully recreated to provide a visually stunning and realistic RC experience.

One of the standout features of this RC car is its ability to operate without signal interference when used alongside other RC vehicles and devices, ensuring uninterrupted playtime and exciting races.

Get ready to turn heads and experience the luxury and power of a Bugatti Divo firsthand. Whether you're a dedicated RC enthusiast or simply looking for an exceptional gift, the 1:24 Premium RC Bugatti Divo offers an unforgettable driving adventure.

About this product

  • 1:24 scale remote control Bugatti Divo
  • Premium detailing capturing the car's essence
  • 2.4G technology for interference-free control
  • USB charging for convenient power management
  • More powerful motor for impressive speeds
  • Suitable for use with other RC vehicles without signal interference
  • Realistic design and outstanding level of detail
  • Batteries included: AAA x 2, 3.2V 320mAH x 1
Product Reference: 75807
STANDARD DELIVERY Estimated delivery 2-3 days after order despatch £4.75
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