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A5 Personalised Greeting Cards

Personalised cards – personalise with a name, date and number. Celebrate a special occasion.

Personalised Greeting Cards

Everyone loves receiving cards, don't they? This year, up your card-giving-game by offering your friends and loved ones personalised gifts! Here at The Gift Experience, our range of personalised cards features cards for everyone, and for all occasions. So, whether you're looking for Christmas cards, wedding cards, or birthday cards, you'll find card templates for more than 2,000 different cards right here, all A5 size. Our personalised cards are easy to create, too; simply click on the design that you love the most and follow the instructions given to create unique and personal cards that are sure to be loved and appreciated by whoever receives them!

Photo Cards

One of the best ways to tailor a card to someone you love is by displaying their picture right on the very front of it! Our photo cards are perfectly designed to suit every occasion, and come in a huge array of beautiful designs. Our Valentine's Day card designs feature red hearts and provide enough space to feature your favourite picture of your Valentine. Other photo card designs feature cards whose fronts only feature pictures, as well as cards with covers that can include both photos and personalised messages.

Did you know, personalised cards can be kept as keepsakes, too! Most new parents treasure the cards they receive immediately after their new baby's birth, keeping them preciously stored in a memory box for future reminiscing. Now, though, you can do something different, and give them a 'New Baby' card that instead of putting away, they can frame and display forever. Create a photo card that incorporates all of the new family's earliest pictures and give them a card they can cherish and display forever.

Birthday Cards

Of course, we're most likely to be buying cards when it's someone's birthday and, as such, our range of personalised greetings cards features an impressively sized collection of birthday card designs. Our birthday card range is sub-divided into cards for her, cards for him, cards for kids (including cards for boys, cards for girls and character cards that can appeal to all!), and cards by age. There's also a range of humorous cards, too, which are great for injecting a touch of laughter for those whose birthdays have come to signify old age and wrinkles instead of youth and partying. Messages such as 'you know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake' are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face, and they can be personalised with his or her name! Some of our birthday cards also have the potential to be turned into photo cards, with enough room on the cover to feature a lovely picture of the birthday boy or girl. Aww!

Greeting Cards for Special Occasions

We give cards at most occasions, whether it be to congratulate a happy couple on their wedding, to show our excitement for those who have just bought a new house, or to show our love for children who have just been christened or experienced their first Holy Communion. Our personalised greetings cards are a wonderful way of showing those you love just how happy you are for them on their special occasions. All of our cards can be uniquely personalised and, as such, can read whatever wishes of love you wish to put on them. We also have a wide range of beautiful designs, including specific wedding and christening themes, as well as a range of colours and styles to suit the preferences of the card's recipient. So, whatever occasion you are celebrating, and whoever you are giving your card to, you're sure to find the perfect design here. Our designs are only the beginning: what's most important is how you personalise them!